Finding Love in the Mountains — Where to Start and How to Keep Her

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They make it look so easy! Image: Ola Mattson/Ski Star

We all know it can feel like a lonely man’s world out there on the slopes.  You’ve skied all day with the crew, captured some “footy for the boys”, what more do you need? But as much fun as a day of testosterone can be, you might be left wondering if you will ever find a girl to shred with.

Truth is, finding a ride or die ski partner is tricky and requires some forethought and a little patience.  Perhaps you are living the single life and looking to end that chapter.  Or maybe you have a girlfriend but haven’t mustered the courage to take her out skiing.  Either way, here’s some tips and tricks that might help you end your solo spell.

First and Foremost, Get Out There

When the guy to girl ratio is about 10:1 in a ski town, you probably need to put some effort into it.  Considering the guy to single girl ratio is probably more like 20:1, you better clean up and get to the bar.  While the bar may not be the most quality one-on-one time, you have to start somewhere.  One great thing about ski towns, is they usually know how to party.  So ditch the video games at home and hit the town.  Your ski buddy is out there somewhere.

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You can’t find your mountain babe sitting at home on the couch, scouting missions are a must. Image: Whistler Blackcomb

Try Dating Apps That Make Sense

When you want your first date to start on a chairlift, online dating can be slim to none.  Luckily, a fellow ski bum looking for love has invented the dating app called LuvBryd.  Mike Keshian saw the need for mountain-minded folks to get together.  When you can skip the small talk and head straight to the mountain, you stand a better chance of finding someone who won’t hate you for making them endure the cold.  It’s a breath of fresh air from the Tinder doldrums.

Keep Her Fed

Okay, you have found a potential ski partner, now what?  Most importantly, a hangry woman can be unadventurous and emotionally unstable.  Avoid this at all costs and she will love skiing.  One thing we often forget is skiing will induce almost instant hanger.  Cold temperatures, exerting yourself, and a warm lodge just out of reach as soon as you load the chairlift… it’s a recipe for disaster.

Guys, carry the girl’s favorite snack without telling her.  So when you see that hangry look on her face starting to show, hand her the Clif bar you’ve been warming in your pocket and she will think you are a knight in shining armor.

hangry, love
Don’t let your girl reach this state and she will ski for life. Image: Our Community Now Colorado

Motivation aka Bribe Her

Women are easily motivated, you just have to know what pushes us.   Most importantly, if she does ski all day with you, you better buy her that cheeseburger, flowers, chocolate, or whatever afterward.  Or else she will never ski with you again.  This is a boyfriends number one tactic on the mountain, but be warned… the reward must outweigh the risk.

Ski Better

There’s something to be said for “working on yourself”.  In this case, work on your skiing and the girls will come out of the woodwork.  The ones out there that can potentially ride all day with you are going to want a guy who can get sendy.  A true skier girl needs a guy that can wake up at the crack of dawn for a powder day, plan road trips together, and compare ski quivers.  Simply do what you love and you will find someone who loves you!

Of course Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad are the definition of #relationshipgoals…

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4 thoughts on “Finding Love in the Mountains — Where to Start and How to Keep Her

  1. This article was so entertaining to read. I started skiing when I was three years old and now I am 41. Still haven’t found a dream ski girl yet. I need someone who can challenge me and that is like finding a needle in a haystack. It would take a World Cup babe to be able to keep up with me lol. I hope I find it. It would be a dream come true for sure!

  2. Hi Katy, can you email me! I would love to talk to you about this article! I have a 1250 person meet up and I am guessing 80% are single….

  3. What does a hurricane and a ski town marriage have in common?

    A. In the beginning there’s a lot of blowing and sucking going on then after someone loses a house…..

    Sorry ski chickies but no thanks
    Am planning to keep my house and all of the equity it has gained over the years unlike a lot of divorced ski town guy friends I know
    so best if you have your own house first, then mbe we’ll talk…

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