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In July 2012, Mammoth Lakes, California declared bankruptcy.

After disputing with a developer for nearly a dozen years, the town faced a judgment nearly three times its annual budget. The mood of the ski resort, a town of 8,000 tucked in an isolated patch of the Eastern Sierra, was darkened and anxious as reality set in; jobs would be lost, services would be cut. People questioned if the Town would be able to continue to function, or if the Mammoth dream would soon die.

But for a dream to die it must first be born. The genesis of Mammoth Lakes started in the early 1940s with a man named Dave McCoy.

His dream, the story of Mammoth, begins here.Powder Magazine

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THE TOWN by Powder Magazine

Aerial photo of Mammoth Mountain, CA.
Aerial photo of Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Powder Magazine has put together a multimedia story about what has happened to the town of Mammoth Lakes.  Powder has a vested interest in this story as Powder is located in Orange County and this is the bestest closest ski hill to them.  They need Mammoth and you can feel it in this story.

Powder has sliced this story up into 4 parcels.  This is part 1.  Part 2 comes out on August 29th.  We’ll have it for you here.

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6 thoughts on ““The Town,” The Rise, Fall, & Redevelopment of Mammoth Lakes | Powder Magazine

  1. ironically most of the city council has left Mammoth along with the city manager , city attorney and a host of other opportunist’s .. john eastman is still there ! WHY ? civil servants need to be rewarded for good planning and work and be FIRED for Failure. so many hard working citizens and residents have suffered for greed and mistakes of the elected few !

  2. Short version:

    Developers buy cheap land and plan a high end hotel that would be a white
    elephant in the middle of nowhere next to Mammoth Airport.

    A decade ago the town gives permission.
    Next the Feds say no.
    Developers then sue the town for insane amounts of money (many times
    the towns annual budget) and after years and years of lawsuits win in court.

    Town can’t pay so they go into bankruptcy .
    Story continues …..

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