ThirtyTwo® Welcomes Austen Sweetin to the T32M

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The ThirtyTwo® crew is proud to welcome Austen Sweetin to the T32M. Austen’s big personality and drive are personified in his snowboarding – he works hard and enjoys riding everything from street rails and park jumps to steep backcountry powder lines.

“Austen is without a doubt the happiest, most stoked person on the planet. Combine that with his natural talent and you get the explosive boarding he’s known for, I’m stoked to have another reason to be around one of my coolest friends all the time!”

– Phil Hansen

Born and raised in Washington, Austen grew up riding some of the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Austen’s smooth style that speaks for itself is well documented with 18 video parts. His impressive list of video parts running from 2010 – 2022 includes F’ It, #Forum, Forum Vacation, Nation, Heavy Mental, Eversince, The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding, After Forever, Yesterday, TurboDojo, Depth Perception, Full Circle, Week of Privilege, plus his last five videos with Sean Lucey -High Octane, Rooster Tail, Boardslide Worldwide, Wind Slab, and BLUR.

“I am honored to join the 32 T32M alongside many amazing shredders and align with a rider-owned and driven brand that makes high-quality boots!  From day 1 to day 60, my feet have never been happier in my new boots, and I look forward to years of boarding together!”

– Austen Sweetin

Austen Sweetin joins Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Halldór Helgason, Jordan Small, Johnny O’Connor, Joe Sexton, Desiree Melancon, Dylan Alito, Elena Hight, Toni Kerkela, Bode Merrill, Pat Fava, Phil Hansen, Zeb Powell, Corey Smith, Fynn Bullock, Colton Carroll and Conor Carroll on the ThirtyTwo T32M.

Austen has already been working on some signature ThirtyTwo products. He’s been working on creating the ultimate big mountain boot.

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