Top 10 Park Skis of 2014

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Freeskier Magazine has ranked the top 10 Park Skis of 2014.  They go through an extensive testing process with many skiers testing to come up with these rankings.  To learn more about their testing proceedure, please visit:

Freeskier Ski Testing Procedure

Park skis are an big piece of any park oriented human’s quiver.  If you love park, you’ve gotta have a park ski and an all mountain ski.  What’s great is that there is a blurring of this line.  One of our guys here at SnowBrains uses his all mountain ski in the park as well.  One less ski to carry around with ya.

What do you think about this list?  Any skis missing from here that you trust in the park?

To read the full reviews of the ski below, just hit the links:


10. Scott Jib TW (Tom Wallisch Pro)


9. Fat-ypus G-Butter


8. APO Sammy C


7. Scott Jib


6. Head The Show


5. Armada AR7


4. Armada Alpha X


3. Armada Halo 2


2. Nordica Badmind


1. Armada Al Dente

CR Johnson.
CR Johnson.

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