Friday Fun: Top 9 Ski Resort Breweries in the United States of America

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Mt. Bachelor and Deschutes Brewery, Orgeon, breweries
Mt. Bachelor and Deschutes Brewery, Oregon

Having a good brewery in your ski town is key.  If you have a good brewery in town, you worship and celebrate it.  If you don’t, you long for one.  USA Today put together their list of the best ski resort breweries in the USA and Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery took top honors.

Bend is located adjacent to 9,068-foot Mt. Bachelor ski resort and its 463 inches of average annual snowfall.  After a solid powder day, nothing beats cruising into Deschutes for a 22 ounce Black Butte Porter.

Bend, Oregon has the highest amount of breweries per capita in the United States of America with 17 Breweries in town…

Deschutes Brewery Bend, breweries,
Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR.  photo:


1. Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR

Deschutes is the big boy on the block in Bend, Oregon’s crowded craft beer scene, a quaint town located 30 minutes from Mount Bachelor Resort. In addition to such fantastic, ski-centric beers like Red Chair NW IPA and the crisp seasonal Chasin’ Freshies, a fresh-hop IPA, Deschutes boasts two locations within Bend proper: a downtown brew-pub and a massive factory on the river from which the brewery derives its name. Better still, Deschutes also hosts an annual spring concert series at Mount Bachelor to take advantage of the mountain’s marathon-length typical season. That said, to only visit Deschutes while in Bend would be like skiing only one of Bachelor’s 88 runs. Do yourself a favor and find time to also visit some of Bend’s dozen or so other breweries, including Crux Fermentation Project, 10 Barrel and Boneyard. The mountain ain’t going anywhere. – USA Today

2. Fifty-Fifty Brewing, Truckee, CA

3. Breckenridge Brewery, Breckenridge, CO

4. Alchemist, Waterbury, VT

You need a brewery in your ski town! Credit: NPR

5. Snake River Brewery, Jackson, WY

6. Aspen Brewing Company, CO

7. Wasatch, Park City, UT

8. Lone Peak Brewery, Big Sky, MT

9. Great Adirondack Brewing Company, Lake Placid, N.Y.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Top 9 Ski Resort Breweries in the United States of America

  1. Laughing Dog Brewery in Sandpoint, ID (Schwietzer Basin – love their IPA. Grizzly Paw Brewery in Canmore, AB (Banff/Norquay) and so many more!!!!

    1. Yeah Fifty-Fifty isn’t much better, their beer tastes like it was a powdered mix added to water, like gatorade or something…

  2. 10 Barrel Brewery in Bend Ore brews a beer called “Pray for Snow”

    Send a truckload to Tahoe, please.

  3. Grimm Brothers is in the city of Loveland, CO not the mountain called Loveland. The city of Loveland is 2 hours from the closest ski resort without traffic. Do some research before you start spouting off names.

  4. Much as I love Snake River Brewery, you have The world Famous Cowboy Bar in Jackson pictured!!! the Brewery is a few blocks away, and there is not a saddle in the place..LOL

  5. UMMMM! That is the Famous cowboy bar in Jackson not the Snake River brewery, which is a few blocks away!!!LOL

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