Points North Heli, AK Tour Camp: Step Into Alaska’s Untracked Terrain + Photo Tour

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Have you ever dreamed of making a first descent?

Have you ever wanted to ski or snowboard a zone never tracked by others before?

With Points North Heli-Adventures (PNH) the mountains are your canvas. Ten miles inland from the Alaskan coast PNH provides access to some of the most pristine ski and board terrain in the world. But this isn’t a regular heli-ski trip; Tour Camp puts you in reach of terrain which only five years ago was only accessible by human-powered travel, deep within the motor-free zone of the Cordova Ranger District.

Tour Camp opens the door to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, Alaska, where top pros flock year after year to shoot some of the most exciting, gnarly segments in almost every ski film. 

Home to some of the deepest snow, steepest lines, a widest variety in terrain, Alaska is truly a skier’s Mecca.

Storms can drop tens of inches of snow overnight, and hundreds upon hundreds over a single winter, making for epic deep snow and refreshed lines on the constant.


This camp isn’t just a ski trip, it’s a once in a lifetime (unless of course you get get hooked) experience that should be felt by every avid backcountry skier and snowboarder. Spending a week in the Chugach Range won’t only be an incredible skiing experience, but will give you an appreciation for the mountains and backcountry and the forces of nature that Alaska is known for, but only experienced by the most adventuress.

Johann Wolfgang “Hans” Gmoser, Helicopter-Skiing Pioneer captured the spirit of the Chugach Range in the following quote:

“In the end, to ski is to travel fast and free — free over untouched snow country. To be bound to one slope, even one mountain, by a lift may be convenient but it robs us of the greatest pleasure that skiing can give, that is to travel through the wide wintery country; to follow the lure of peaks which tempt on the horizon and to be alone for a few days or even hours in clear, mysterious surroundings.”

unspecified-8A permit obtained in 2011 by PNH allows the company to drop skiers off at Tour Camp which sits just on the edge of the U.S. Forest Service’s motor-free zone in the Chugach mountain range. From there skiers and boarders can then access terrain by ski tour and split board with the help of their guides. Camp is situated right in the thick of the Alaskan backcountry where you’re only steps from incredible skiing and boarding.

Spend your time at Tour Camp knocking terrain items off your bucket list, from couloirs to spines and everything in between. Skin and climb your way up peaks that tower over the Chugach Range and take in the feeling of being small in a world of wildly large mountainous terrain. Chase after a challenging first descent(not uncommon at Tour Camp) and the guides will even give you the chance to name the line yourself. In the evenings enjoy downtime with the group and your guides, listen to music, talk about the day and plan the next days to come as guides prepare all your meals, hot coffee and tea, and anything else that might make your stay that much better.


Sam Petri of TGR describes Tour Camp as having access to some of the best terrain on Earth:

“The Points North Heli touring program is pure, unadulterated skiing. You spend a week deep in the Chugach Mountains doing what you came to do: ski. The best part is, you don’t have to go home at the end of the day. You get to stay out there in the endless alpenglow, eat delicious food, and relax with your friends at the 5-star winter camp. The terrain you ski varies from powder fields, to spines, to wide ramps, to tight couloirs. You get to have it all, and perhaps more importantly, you get to have it all to yourself and your friends. Highly recommended for competent backcountry skiers who love to tour, have always dreamed about a week-long backcountry trip in Alaska, but lack the time and resources to put together an expedition like this on their own. Here, Points North Heli handles all the logistics and lets you show up with your crew to simply go ski the best terrain on Earth.”

Push your limits on some of the wildest terrain Alaska has to offer.
Push your limits on some of the wildest terrain Alaska has to offer. PC: Sverre Hjornevik

If you’re looking for the next adventure, the opportunity to push your limits further than you have ever before, then a trip to Alaska is in the forecast, and a trip to Tour Camp is the best option out there.

For  $2675USD you can stay a week at Tour Camp, which includes your heli-drop and pick up, six nights in the Arctic Oven tents, all your meals, and two incredible guides and one assistant guide to show you the ropes. Tour Camp operates in the spring between March and April and accommodates up to a group of 8.

Visit the Points North Heli website for more information and to book your next ski adventure.

Photo Tour: PNH Tour Camp

Photos supplied by Points North Heli

Photo: PNH Tour camp
Wow, it doesn’t get much better than skinning in a beautiful place like this! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
When trekking some of the mountains at Points North, it very well may be somewhere that man has never been before! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
If you don’t like crowds, this is the place for you! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
Nights like these are peaceful, to say the least! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
There’s no such thing as a bad day when you’re in a place like this! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
While your ski season may be winding down in March/April, it’s just beginning at Points North! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
How could you not smile at a place like this? PC: Sverre Hjornevik
Such good food, yet so distant from civilization! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
You are one with the mountains at Points North Heli!. PC: Sverre Hjornevik
Every where you go has an INSANELY BEAUTIFUL view! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
The powder is plentiful at Points North Heli Tour Camp! PC: Sverre Hjornevik
Image this view with your morning coffee, UNREAL! PC: David Stubbs

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