Tourism is Frustrating the Residents of Jackson Hole, WY

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Tourism has many benefits. Money is pumped into the local economy, it brings jobs, and it can be some businesses’ livelihood. However, in a recent survey, residents in Teton County, Wyoming, indicated they are dissatisfied with tourism in the area. Some of the highest concerns were overcrowded sites and traffic.

The Travel and Tourism Board (TTB) is currently looking into ways to coordinate best practices for visitor management and resident quality of life. Suggestions brought up by the residents were to stop advertising Jackson Hole and to limit the number of visitors. Ironically, the TTB will be the organization trying to control visitation when they were the same ones originally tasked with promoting it.

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According to Jackson Hole News & Guide, 1.5 million tourists visited Teton County in 2020. These visitors poured $1.1 billion into the local economy. This spending generated $55.2 million in state and local taxes. Without these taxes, the residents would have had to pay $5,771 more in taxes to keep existing government services. The survey did indicate that 61% of the residents would be willing to pay more in taxes if it meant fewer visitors.

The TTB will have to tackle this issue with a lot of consideration. One option could be to use their promotion funds to promote other parts of the state. To cut the overall promotion budget would require changing the by-laws.

Other concerns that came up in the survey were environmental impacts and lack of housing. It should be noted that the actual tourists that visit are generally kind and respectful. It is rather the number of tourists than any misbehavior that is causing the frustrations.

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18 thoughts on “Tourism is Frustrating the Residents of Jackson Hole, WY

  1. We’ll said. The space is limited yet we treat it like it’s infinite. We need to change our paradigm.

  2. I will never visit this area in the summer again! Way too much traffic and people. It’s a traffic jam on a slow day. What a nightmare.

  3. The people complaining about what Jackson has turned into probably aren’t from Jackson, or Wyoming as far as that goes, maybe they should go home,wherever that my be

  4. It’s not the Cali’s that are the biggest problems, ( although they bring their fair share) the real morons are the ones from UT, TX & CO. (Not Necessarily in that order). They should only be allowed in WY on a leash and under no circumstances should they be allowed to drive.

  5. When I moved here I shared a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 people. It’s not just the rich who have problems with what is happening in town. Because the town is investing in hotels, short term rentals and luxury housing we have an influx of people in our town without the workforce to support their wants and needs, which ultimately ends with both parties being dissatisfied. It’s not a matter of not wanting anyone to visit, obviously this town depends on tourism financially, it just needs to be toned down to a responsible level.

  6. Good thing Alaska is so big. It will take a long time to ruin it like Jackson Hole, Denver, California, etc.

  7. In my town, I’m in the volunteer search and rescue unit, bringing lost and injured people to the trailhead, and an ambulance (or helicopter) as needed. But so many tourists scarpered on their ambulance bills, that now I have to pay an additional half percent sales tax to cover the shortfall. Tourism does not always bring in money; sometimes it consumes more than it brings in.

  8. So, wealthy people who can afford to live in the town just wan to purchase it and keep the riff raft out?

  9. The rich already ruined Jackson Hole. What are they complaining about. It is not the private playground.

  10. Born and raised in WY and while even I am saddened by all the “rush” to states like ours or Montana it’s a little ironic the bitching seems to be coming from the wealthiest city where the elite can afford privacy. While tourism sucks for the majority of us residents the Tetons should be viewable by EVERYONE, not just the rich.

  11. Born and raised in Jackson, 4th generation. It is stupidity of newcomers, starting in 90’s that contribute to this issue. WDOT has been trying to pass a 4 lane road to Wilson Bridge for 30 years, no look at the traffic snarl. Every one wants to move here with there trust fund money, but after moving here want to change it, and since they got there’s, don’t want any one else. The biggest hypocrites I have seen in my life.

  12. Love Jackson Hole. If you expand the airport you will invite more tourism than you’d like. The small airport is an asset. It could use another restaurant other than that leave expansion to NYC etc. also no night flying is a plus. Jackson Hole is perfect just like it is. ☘️

  13. Let’s build a wall around CA. It’s most likely the source of the rift raft and tourist headaches.

  14. Hopefully people will begin to understand that having over a million tourists visiting your limited resources makes for a decline in the quality of your life. Quality over quantity, except the greedheads don’t care.

  15. I moved out here because of the freedom and lack of people bother me. I’m shopping for property in Alaska now.

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