Trip Report: 11,068′ Mt. Superior, UT – “Suicide Chute” on July 20, 2023

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Suicide Chute on 11,068′ Mt. Superior, UT. image: snowbrains

Report from July 20, 2023

Suicide Chute (or Country Lane as it’s becoming know as) on 11,068′ is an old staple for us.

We generally like to ski it when it’s “bad” or at least a bit bent out of shape.


Because the Wasatch is a bit busy these days but when the conditions aren’t ideal, there are a lot fewer people out there.

Case in point:  go ski Suicide Chute in late July when it’s hanging in space.


11,068′ Mt. Superior, UT – “Suicide Chute” 


  • Summit (actually a notch:  9,900′
  • Car:  8,400′
  • Vertical From Car:  1,500′
  • Vertical skied:  ???′
  • Max Pitch:  45º 
  • Avg Pitch: 40º 
  • Aspect:  East
  • Distance:  1.3-miles round trip
  • Time From Car to Top:  1 hour & 30 minutes
  • Car to Car Time: 3 hours 
  • Recommended Equipment:  Crampons, Ice Axe


The stroll up to the chute via ankle braking talus and trickly waterfall was soothing.

Once we finally got to the snow we switched to boots and crampons and the going got easier.

Suicide is steep right now with pitch rolls, some off angles, a bit of left and right, and a leftover wiggle from all the spring traffic is received after all the ski resorts closed down way too earlier considering they got 903″ of snow this year…

Edges. image: snowbrains

The snow in the chute doesn’t even go all the way to the top and the large cornice that formed this year and melted and sunk down to about 10′ below the actual notch.

It’s green in the Wasatch right now.

Green like I’ve never seen there.

Cave. image: snowbrains

It took us about 1.5 hours to reach the top and we dropped in a touch early around 11am.

The skiing was good, but I coulda used snow a touch softer.

Daryn thought it was perfect.

Thin to win. image: snowbrains

We hit the bottom of the snow pretty quick and put our shoes back on for the waterfall downclimb.

Once we hit the “reverse wiggle” on the apron we slapped the boots back on and skied as far as we could.

Shoes back on the back down the ankle-breaking talus to the car.

SLC. image: snowbrains

I was stoked.

Daryn was stoked.

I then zipped home and had Dan Egan on The SnowBrains Podcast.

The guy is a ninja…

Thanks, Utah!


Daryn in the green. image: snowbrains
Daryn in the waterfall. image: snowbrains
Waterfall. image: snowbrains
Scramble. image: snowbrains
Miles likes it. image: snowbrains
Switch to boots. image: snowbrains
Up! image: snowbrains
Booter. image: snowbrains
Kick. image: snowbrains
Grind. image: snowbrains
Nearly topped out. image: snowbrains
SLC. image: snowbrains
LCC road. image: snowbrains
Daryn. image: snowbrains
Rocks. image: snowbrains
Dropping. image: snowbrains
Wiggle time. image: snowbrains
Ankle-breakers. image: snowbrains
Ant. image: snowbrains
Flowers. image: snowbrains
Headed home. image: snowbrains
Blue. image: snowbrains

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