Trip Report 70s Style: Drinking, Smoking, and Skiing Like Fiends – Nothing’s Changed in 5 Decades!

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Triumphant 70s skiers
Sam Vasques & Mota-Bota in 1975

I was riding with those outlaw Vasques Brothers Sam and Noah, and I knew the drill: drink and smoke ‘till we hit the lot, slip-slide and cuss putting our boots on, ski like fiends, then hung-over by 2 PM… with a long drive home.

We were headin’ out of Modesto, CA (our home town) up to Bear Valley ski resort for a day of fun and frolic, but on this day we were taking Sam’s ’62 Chevy truck, bench seat, no belts, with a detached camper shell.  Sam, Noah, and I were riding in the front and my future brother-in-law Trace and his best friend Dirk were riding in the detached camper.

1975, Squaw Valley, CA
1975, Squaw Valley, CA.  Vasques brothers

As you might surmise, the drinkin’ started early at 6 AM as we departed Modesto.  We had two half gallons of Red Mountain Wine, and we drank like pirates – forefinger in the loop, brace it on your shoulder, then down the hatch.

Well, our first piss-break was Copperopolis and the first jug was finished, but being true recyclers, we threw the empty jug in the back with Trace and Dirk, unscrewed the next jug, and proceeded up the hill.

That second jug goes down so easy…

Skiing in the 70s
Skiing in the 70s with the Vasques bros

So we get to Bear Valley at 08:30 AM, two half gallons of Red Mountain and three reefers of good California weed all gone, and not a care in the world.  We pile out slipin’ and slidin’ and Sam goes around to the back of the truck to greet Trace and Dirk.  Lo and Behold!  Sam spies a jug of wine on the camper floor, and half full!!

Must I say what happens next?

Yes, Sam took two hearty gulps of that body temperature wine, never to live it down.

Trace and Dirk tried to get our attention to no avail (detached camper), but luckily, they had an empty jug for a latrine.

– Mota-Bota

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  1. hey, I rode both models of ski in that first photo, the Fischer Superglass, then the Rossignol ST Comp. haha, aaaaack! I’m having a flashback!

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