Tips from 2012 & 2013 World Champions | Barkered and Tabke Share Some Knowledge

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Reine Barkered [2012 FWT Champion from Sweden] has made his way from the FWQ (Freeride World Qualifier) to the top of the FWT (Freeride World Tour) over the last 5 season. He and Drew Tabke have been battling for the top spot for the last few years, so he is no stranger to competition and pressure. As a long time competitor I think his story and the advice he gives in this edit is valuable to any freerider interested in the FWQ or FWT. Having fun, being focused and knowing yourself are all super important if you want to succeed in any sport. Especially one that puts you on top of a huge face littered with cliffs, trees and rocks. Reine loves this sport and has found his way to the top. Congrats to him on the hard work and 2nd place overall at the 2013 FWT!

Drew Tabke is a former Snowbird/Alta skier who has been at the freeskiing game for a long long time. We used to ski together at Alta on his lunch breaks from turning screws at the Deep Powder House. Drew is an amazing competitor, who knows how to pick and line and really turn it on during his comp runs. His ride to the top of the competitive freeskiing world didn’t take too long due to his amazing skiing skills and tremendous physical and mental strength. In this edit he talks a bit about picking your line and the importance of knowing the venue in your head. Drew has always been know for taking unique lines, so learn from his advice and take it to the hill. Congrats to Drew for just barely edging out Reine for the FWT Championship this season.

Reine and Drew are looking strong to have a FWT rival the next few years.
Drew (left) and Reine (pronounced “rain-a) looking poised to have a strong FWT rivalry the next few years.

I love this game and I can’t wait for the Snowbird comp next week and a chance to make the FWT in the future. Ski safe and have fun:)

Check out highlights from the Verbier Xtreme this year here:


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  1. Reine has been at squaw a bunch this year. I got to ski with him a bit. It’s weird how humble the swede’s are. You wouldn’t even know he skis

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