‘Utah Avalanche Center’ and ‘Know Before You Go’ Offer FREE Online Avalanche Course

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The Utah Avalanche Center has collaborated with Know Before You Go to produce this totally free, online avalanche education course. 

The course is described as either a foundation to the Avy 1 or a refresher for those who’ve previously taken a course, is almost identical to AIAIRE standards, and is 100% free to the public. Learn from top athletes like Jimmy Chin, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, and Angel Collinson. Use it to help prepare for a level 1 class, or if you just need a refresher this season, the course focusses on just the essential info required to get you out in the mountain

“…no math, no science, lots of stoke, just the stuff you need to get out, get after it and come home safe every day”

The course is broken down into five steps:

  1. Get the gear – Equipment you need to safely travel in avalanche terrain
  2. Get the training – Learn how avalanches work and how you can avoid them
  3. Get the forecast – Learn to understand your local avy forecast in order to guide decision-making in the backcountry
  4. Get the picture – Recognize the clues of what makes something ‘avalanche prone’
  5. Get out of harm’s way – Understand the when, where, and why of appropriate safe zones.

Definitely check out the online course here.

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