Vail Resorts Refusing Refunds to Customers Unable to Use Epic Pass Due to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

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Vail Resorts.

Epic Pass holders on the east coast are unhappy with Vail Resorts for “forcing them to either violate state pandemic travel restrictions or lose significant money they paid for ski passes,” reports WVCB.

Vermont travel restrictions, requiring any out of staters to quarantine, mean some Epic Pass customers are unable to use their pass at Vermont’s Stowe, Okemo, and Mount Snow resorts. A Boston based doctor bought her pass before the travel restrictions were put in place. Due to her job, quarantining is not an option for her, but she assumed the ‘Epic Coverage’ would cover her, and she would be entitled to a refund. Apparently not. Vail denied her refund.

“It’s just plain wrong because they’re forcing people to do the wrong thing in the midst of a pandemic. I felt like Vail was forcing people to make decisions to travel because they had this pass that wasn’t refundable.”

– unhappy Epic Pass holder

WVCB also writes about a number of other customers having the same issues. Epic Pass holders in New York and Massachusetts unable to use their pass due to quarantine rules, yet being denied a refund by Vail Resorts.

Vail CEO Rob Katz previously promised the company’s resorts would “abide by all local regulations” and “put safety first” during ski season. When announcing their ‘EPic Coverage’ in May 2020, Vail Resorts wrote this on their website:

If you purchase a Season Pass, such as an Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass, you will receive a refund if you use your pass less than 7 days in the 2020/21 season if certain personal events occur, including illness, job loss, and injury.
Additionally, Epic Coverage protects you from certain resort closures, such as due to COVID-19, during this past season. These refunds will be determined by guest input on which resorts they plan on skiing or riding at, as well as the time periods in which they plan to visit.

Vail’s ‘Epic Coverage’ says pass holders are entitled to a refund if they’re “subject to a ‘quarantine,’ ‘stay-at-home,’ ‘shelter-in-place’ or other comparable mandatory governmental order” at least seven days of which fall during ski season. In response to the customer’s refund requests, Vail explained: “Government travel guidance that does not prohibit the use of your pass such as general quarantines… are not refund events,” adding that Epic Coverage “does not provide refunds for apprehension or inconvenience related to COVID-19.”

In a request for comment, Vail resorts told WVCB that they are standing by their decision but may review refunds at the end of the season:

“We know some of our pass holders are experiencing additional challenges this season. We sincerely understand their frustrations and will take all guest concerns into consideration at the end of the season as we seek to retain the loyalty of our pass holders. In the meantime, our passes are valid at numerous resorts across five states in the East and for nearly four more months of the season. Right now, we are focused on delivering a safe experience at all of our resorts and thank our guests for their understanding and patience.”

Vail Resorts’ Epic Coverage.

Frequently asked questions about Epic Coverage: 

Q: How do I sign up for Epic Coverage?

A: Epic Coverage is free for all pass holders, and there is no sign up required.

Step 1: Purchase any season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass product on or any of our resort sites. During check out, please ensure to confirm you have read the terms and conditions, which includes our Epic Coverage policy.

Step 2: To ensure your Epic Coverage is tailored to your skiing and riding preferences, we will be asking you two questions about the resort(s) you would like to have covered and when you plan to ski or ride. These preferences do not change the access of your pass – they are strictly used to determine your refund if a qualifying event occurs. The two key preferences you will be asked to provide are:

    • All Resorts or a Primary Resort for coverage: You can choose a specific resort your pass has access to, or you can choose “All Resorts.” Your choice will be used to determine which resorts must be closed to trigger a qualifying coverage. Please refer to “How are Refunds Determined?” to decide on the best selection for you.
    • Core Season or Specific Week for coverage: You can choose a specific week that you would most like to have covered, or you can choose “Core Season.” The “Core Season” is from November 26, 2020, to April 4, 2021.  This choice will influence how your refund is determined, so please refer to the “How are Refunds Determined?” section to decide on the best selection for you.

After purchasing your pass for the 2020/21 season, you will automatically be defaulted to “All Resorts” and “Core Season.” Starting in late June until November 21st, 2020, you can change your selection in the “My Account” section online at For guests purchasing their pass after November 21st, you have until the first day you ski or when passes go off sale to update your preferences, whichever comes first. Learn more in the “What is covered?” and the “How are Refunds Determined?” sections below.

Step 3: That’s it. Your pass is now covered for specific personal events and certain resort closures for the 2020/21 season defined in the terms and conditions.

If you experience a qualifying personal event or qualifying resort closure, please refer to the “How do I submit a refund request?” section for more information on how to request a refund.

Q: Do I have to pay for Epic Coverage?

A: No, Epic Coverage is free for all pass holders. Historically, our pass holders had to pay up to $35 if they chose to insure their pass against personal risk, but the new Epic Coverage program is now included with all passes.

Q: Can I still purchase Pass Insurance?

A: No, Vail Resorts no longer offers Pass Insurance. Epic Coverage provides refunds for qualifying personal events as well as certain resort closures due to disease (e.g., COVID-19), war, terrorism, or specific natural disasters. And it’s free for all pass holders.

Q: Which pass products are included in Epic Coverage?

A: All season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass products sold on, our resort websites, and through our third-party partners are included in Epic Coverage. This includes;

  • Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, and Military Epic Pass
  • Epic Day Pass
  • Regional Pass Products: Summit Value, Keystone Plus Pass, Tahoe Local Pass, Tahoe Value Pass, Kirkwood Pass, Park City Youth Pass, Afton Alps Pass, Mt Brighton Pass, Wilmot Pass, Stevens Pass Select Pass, Stevens Pass Premium Pass, Crested Butte Pass, Northeast Value Pass, Northeast Midweek Pass, Ohio Pass, Hidden Valley Pass, Snow Creek Pass, Paoli Peaks Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Edge Cards and Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Season Pass.

To view all other additional eligible passes, click here.

Q: Are all pass and card products sold on included in Epic Coverage?

A: Yes. All pass or card products sold on are included in Epic Coverage. To review a full list of Whistler Blackcomb passes, visit the Whistler Blackcomb website.

Q: Is the Epic Australia Pass included in Epic Coverage?

A: The Epic Australia Pass will not be included in Epic Coverage for the 2020 Australian winter season. We are separately working on a plan to ensure we properly address the situation in Australia, and we will share details of the plan with our Epic Australia Pass guests as soon as we can.

Q: Do I still have Epic Coverage once I use my pass?

A: Yes, you will have Epic Coverage from when you purchase your pass through the end of the 2020/21 ski and ride season for qualifying personal events and through the “Core Season” for certain resort closures, depending on your coverage preferences selected.

Q: With Epic Coverage, will I have to make a choice at the beginning of the season between deferring my pass to the next season or losing my protection?

A: No, with Epic Coverage, you are not forced to make a decision about whether to defer your pass to the following season.  Instead, Epic Coverage provides you with protection against qualifying personal events through the end of the 2020/21 ski and ride season and certain resort closures through the Core Season.  You can start using your pass when the season opens, and if a qualifying personal event or a resort closure that is covered occurs, you may be eligible for a refund during the 2020/21 season.

Q: If I purchase my pass through a travel agency, online, or wholesale partner, will I still receive Epic Coverage?

A: Yes. All season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass products sold on, our resort websites, and through our third-party partners have Epic Coverage. This includes Epic Day Pass products and Military Epic Pass products. You can view a list of all qualifying passes here.

Q: What is covered?

A: Epic Coverage provides protection across a range of personal events and certain resort closures. A summary of the qualifying personal and resort closure events that are covered are shown below. For additional details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

If any of the following happens over the course of next season, you will get a full or prorated refund.

Personal Coverage

  • Job Loss
  • Stay-at-home order from county, state, country
  • Injury, Sickness, Death
  • Student Transfer
  • Pregnancy
  • Visa Rejection
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Service
  • Employee Transfer
  • And More

Resort Closure between U.S. Thanksgiving (November 26, 2020) and Easter (April 4, 2021)

  • Disease (e.g., COVID-19)
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Natural Disaster (specifically defined in our terms and conditions)

You are covered when you need it the most throughout the season.

Q: When does my Epic Coverage become effective? 

A: Your Epic Coverage begins when you purchase your pass and agree to the terms and conditions of Epic Coverage and lasts until the last day of the 2020/21 ski season for personal events and through the Core Season for certain resort closures.

Q: What is the coverage period for a personal event?

A: If a qualifying personal event occurs between the purchase of your pass and the last day of the 2020/21 ski and ride season, you may be eligible for a full or prorated refund based on when your personal event occurred and/or how many days you are able to ski or ride during the season. Specific personal events must impact at least 30 consecutive days of the core season to qualify. Please see “How are refunds determined?” for more details.

Q: When does a resort closure event need to occur to be covered?

A: A covered resort closure event must occur during the Core Season. The “Core Season” is from November 26, 2020, to April 4, 2021. This is the time period used to define the percentage of the season impacted when determining refunds. Please see the “How are Refunds Determined?” section for additional details.

Q: Are resort closures caused by snow events covered by Epic Coverage?

A: No. The only weather-related events that are covered by Epic Coverage are for natural disasters (flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, and volcanic eruption) that lead to a resort closure. All other weather-related closures are not eligible for refunds.

Q: Which resorts are covered by Epic Coverage?

A: If a qualifying resort closure occurs, your coverage will be determined by the resort you selected for coverage, the visitation timing you have selected, and the pass you purchased.

If you have selected a specific resort in your preferences, you will have coverage if that specific resort has a qualifying coverage event that:

  • Lasts 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” or
  • Lasts 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected.

If you have selected “All Resorts” in your preferences, you will have coverage based on the pass you purchased:

  • Epic Pass, Epic Local, Epic Day Pass, Military Epic Pass– 100% of the following resorts must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event (Vail, Whistler Blackcomb, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Crested Butte, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood)
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences
  • Northeast Value – 100% of the following resorts must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event (Stowe, Mount Snow, Hunter, Okemo, and Mount Sunapee)
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences
  • All other passes (View list of all passes)– 100% of the resorts that are accessible on the pass must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Q: Do I qualify for a refund if one of my family members has a qualifying personal event?

A: Yes, there are specific qualifying personal events that are eligible for a refund if the event occurs to you or your family member and impacts your ability to ski or ride during the Core Season. Personal events include illness, injury, death, pregnancy, military service, job loss, and visa rejection. For additional details, refer to the terms and conditions here.

Credit: Vail Resorts

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85 thoughts on “Vail Resorts Refusing Refunds to Customers Unable to Use Epic Pass Due to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

  1. They all look like the gestapo standing there. Looking like F… all you people. You don’t get your money back. We couldn’t care less about public relations and keeping customers! Well F… them right back!

  2. Same kind of experience following major injury and never used pass. Four calls to Vail over seven hours of time invested, all incorrect information regarding whom to contact regarding claim, bad info on Sedgwick. Just a scam. They need a major class action suit.

  3. It’s a scam from a large US corp. I had an accident and need an eye operation. With all the information requested, they refused the refund my 5 day Whistler Epic card . So I told them to cancel the request 4 days before I visit again 2 months later. When I got there, they said my Epic card was frozen and I have to buy a day pass and ask for refund later. I have called about 4 times spoke with 4 different staff from Sedgwick and they either said I just have to request it from their site or just put me on wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then cut off the line. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! from a large corp. Shame SHAME SHAME

  4. I’ve been going to Whistler / Blackcomb since I was a kid. Loved everything about it. In fact, I’ve bragged to friends what a wonderful place it was, and what great customer service they had.

    HAD is the correct word. Not anymore since Vail took over.

    I’ve had their different passes over the years. The Epic / Edge Card being the latest. Always had top notch service when issues came up. They even gave me a free day to come back when I injured my knee skiing Blackcomb. They didn’t have to do that, but it made a huge lasting impression on me and my friends.

    I purchased my Epic Pass in 2020 ( during Covid the U.S. border was closed both ways into and out of Canada. Blackcomb / Whistler was also closed ) without hesitation. Besides, I was told not to worry if things didn’t open up. I was covered for a refund. Well, everything stayed closed for the 2020 / 2021 season.
    I tried calling over and over last year during the season to ask questions and request a refund. Each time waiting for customer service to answer. Each time waiting at least an hour before I hung up!!

    I started researching, and found out the reason for my frustration was that Vail Corp. took over Blackcomb / Whistler. The people that deal with refunds must be contractors. I can’t believe any company would have a department as difficult and rude as them.

    Needless to say, nothing has been resolved. By the looks of it, I have plenty of company.

    I will make sure I tell as many people, friends and family not to purchase any passes from Vail. As for me , Vail has lost what was a life long, loyal customer. There’s too many other top notch ski areas I’d rather give my hard earned money to.

  5. I agree. Everyone please vote with your money! Move to NON Vail resorts and quit supporting Vail and the hotels around them so they get mad at Vail as well. I sold my Vail stock and will never be back. Even bought a tshirt that says Vail Sucks. Hit them where it hurts.

    Btw, ACM is owned by a woman that has a huge negative rating on BBB, but she has lots of dirty money to enjoy from us and Vail knows the depth of it! They are in it together so we need to be in it together! Boycott Vail!

  6. Vail Corp has no idea what they are doing, and their call center is giving out incorrect information.

    I has a Whistler season pass. Was not able to ski due to border closure. Claim was approved. Now the fun part.

    Was told refund check was mailed May 21. Nothing showed up in the mail, so checked again June 11. Was told that staffer made an error, refunds were giing to be credited to Vail accounts.

    Problem 1: Refunds need to be claimed by September 5, auto renew set for September 15, so if you auto renew, no discount.

    Problem 2: You can only use one discount code for 21-22 season ticker purchase. So, if refund applied to account, you either have to use it, or the percent discount.

    Vail Corp staff said they could not do anything, needed to speak with claims administrator. Total waste of time. I speak six languages snd could hardly understand the rep.

    Sent an email indicating this either was a fraud, or TPA was sitting on funds as long as possible to generate more income for themselves. Check arrived two weeks later.

    Then purchasing the 21-22 season pass. Manila call center said it will automatically process with percent credit (18% in my case). Explained the timing issue, drew a blank. Finally able to get in touch with a rep at Whistler who was able to resolve purchase in about five minutes.

    Vail Corp should let Whistler run the show. They are both professional and competent, and are actually interested in helping their customers as much as shareholders.

    1. This site needs to stop spewing the VAIL EPIC COVERAGE LIES and serve the ski/board community by exposing the fact that they never call you back, they say they will review the denial at the end of the season, then they don’t, you call to ask what about the coverage and they say your outside the window but they will do you a favor and petition to reopen the case and it will be 2 weeks. Now 5 weeks later they say they will petition again as it must be “lost”. Just a continuous circle of lies!!!!!

      So smart for Vail to farm this program of theirs off to a third world country where they talk in circles and never pay up… but they love to apologize for the previous folks that “dropped the ball”.

      I will never put a single dime into VAIL or any of their resorts again in my lifetime. I regret the life long commitment and dollars I have invested in them. I even sold the last of my stock in them.

      I also realize you will probably delete this because Vail is large and probably a big part of your revenues.

      Sad to see this kind of stuff go on just to make money like they did off of me for the last time.

  7. We ordered tickets on 11-10-2020, canceled on 1-22-21 for our ski trip on 2-12-21, I think there was enough time for these tickets to be resold, so what this letter is stating is, that we will not get a refund of $818.95? This is so wrong… we were at high risk of getting covid, it was recommend that we not travel, and at our age we didn’t want to risk our heath and the heath of others…why can’t we get a credit for next season, I don’t understand why you think it’s ok to keep our money? I think you need to make this right. This is what was sent to us.

    Thank you for submitting an Epic Coverage refund request. Your request does not qualify as an Epic Coverage refund event.

    Epic Coverage provides refunds for certain personal events such as illness, job loss, injury and mandatory stay-at-home orders. Additionally, it provides refunds for certain resort closures, including closure due to COVID-19. Refund requests for resort closure events must be submitted after the season ends (between May 1 and May 31) for a full or prorated refund based on the portion of the season was impacted and your Epic Coverage selections.

    Government travel guidance that does not prohibit the use of your pass such as general quarantines and lodging restrictions are not refund events under the Epic Coverage terms and conditions. Epic Coverage also does not provide refunds for apprehension or inconvenience related to COVID-19.

    We know that circumstances regarding the pandemic continue to change and your pass remains active for the remainder of the season, allowing you to make reservations to ski or ride should you choose to do so.

    Vail Resorts deeply values the loyalty of its pass holders and recognizes the challenges that you may be encountering this season. At the end of the season, Vail Resorts has said that they will take all guest concerns and challenges into consideration and review how the remainder of the season transpires, including a review of your refund request, in thinking about how to retain the loyalty of its pass holders. To the extent that there is any additional information based on that review they will contact you at that time.

    To learn more about Epic Coverage and Frequently Asked Questions, click here or go to

    If you feel your refund request was denied in error, please contact us at

    1. That’s the same form letter I got for my situation. Complete fraud advertising that they have all this great COVID coverage and when it comes down to it, they do not honor their coverage because its not mandatory State requirements. Tells me we should not follow State issued guidance. The NY AG office apparently does not think this is worthwhile investigating as all they did was forward my complaint to Vail and sent me a form letter response that I should take them to small claims (have to file in Denver).. Only option I recommend is lifetime boycott of all Vail Resorts. I know I will convince all my ski buddies to ski elsewhere also. In the long run, they will lose more money than they stole.

      1. The NY AGO ducks. MA AGO is awesome. Move to Massachusetts. Wow I so hate to hear about all the people who are losing money. I was able to get mine back, but not without a HUGE fight for my rights, three disputes with my credit card company, a hit to my credit score, right in the middle of a refinance. I hate Vail Resorts and I will NEVER do business with them again. They ruined what was already a stressful Covid adventure by making it ten times more stressful with the possibility of me losing $650 without skiing once all season. They truly

        1. I agree 100%. How much effort is it to search on how big this problem is? They outright stole the money from lots of people but stating no refunds, but we have Epic Coverage which they legally interpret so they don’t have to issue refunds. If this doesn’t fall under consumer fraud, I don’t know what is. I would have preferred they simply say “no refunds, use it or lose it”. Instead, I got, stop using your pass and apply for Epic Coverage if you think you qualify. At least I will take pleasure in making sure my ski club and I never ski at Vail Resorts again. So much goodwill lost for a few hundred stolen profit. How much time did their lawyers waste responding to the NY AG office? I say all done, they netted a couple of hundred but lost customers for life. What a crime syndicate with no morals.

  8. I, live in England where from start of January thru May it’s been illegal to travel to USA (or anywhere else for that matter). Trump had also banned UK citizens from coming to USA. So very straightforward for ACM to deal with you would think. Not so. I’m still waiting – here’s my timeline:

    Jan 27: Made online refund request
    Feb 10: ACM acknowledge request
    Mar 31: ACM email me stating claim approved told payment will be made with 7 business days
    Mar 31: I email ACM with completed Wire payment authorization form they had sent me
    Apr 15: I email ACM saying no repayment received
    Apr 15: ACM reply saying form sent to accounting on Apr 7
    May 1: I email them saying repayment still not received
    May 10: I ring ACM and am told case is with Loss adjuster and will be dealt with in next 2 weeks
    May 24: I ring ACM and told case is still with loss adjuster and will be expedited
    Jun 1: Still waiting

    1. Totally unacceptable. Unbelievable. Never doing business with these guts again. N E V E R

    2. Got a full refund at long last.
      Got an email from ACM on June 18 telling me bank had refused transfer because of wrong bank code. This was despite using the bank routing code shown on my check book which is what the ACM claim form tells you to do.. Spoke to bank and got the correct code which isn’t the one shown on checks.
      But why did ACM take 10 weeks to tell me the code was wrong and the refund
      had failed. ACM really need to improve their administration process.

  9. whistler/blackcomb closed down in march before our spring break. The airlines and the hotel all refunded or gave a credit future travel. Acm, the insurance company has been dishonest with most of the claimants by refusing a refund. My whole vacation was cancelled as was everyones during this time. the epic pass made false claims about returning funds by listing all the circumstances that would qualify for a refund.

  10. If you’re can PROVE you contacted them before September 17th you should be able to get the gift money refunded to the giftee or rolled over. But even if not before Sept, I just find this to be so WRONG on every level.

    1. Bought an Epic Pass in September because of the coverage claiming “Job Loss” and have not been issued a refund, or even ability to roll pass over into 21/22. Lost my job because of pandemic, sent in my unemployment payment records and nothing!!! I have not used my pass a single day this season. This Epic Pass insurance is a total scam! Count me in for part of a class action lawsuit!

      When announcing their ‘EPic Coverage’ in May 2020, Vail Resorts wrote this on their website:

      If you purchase a Season Pass, such as an Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass, you will receive a refund if you use your pass less than 7 days in the 2020/21 season if certain personal events occur, including illness, job loss, and injury.
      Additionally, Epic Coverage protects you from certain resort closures, such as due to COVID-19, during this past season. These refunds will be determined by guest input on which resorts they plan on skiing or riding at, as well as the time periods in which they plan to visit.

      If they are advertising this to customers, how can they not refund my pass, or roll it over to next season? Rob Katz do the right thing!!

  11. My wife and I were gifted epic passes to our surprise. Because I am over 71 and a cancer survivor my wife and I decided early on to forgo skiing this season. When notified of the gifted passes I immediately contacted Vail resorts and asked if the passes could be rolled over to the 21/22 season. You can guess their response. We have thus received no benefits from being off the mountain early last season. Aspen…here we come.

  12. I purchased the Epic pass after closely reading the terms of the insurance policy. This included a specific clause stating refunds are applicable if a qualifying personal event occurred including restriction of entry into the USA. Given that I am a Canadian this occurred. They refunded my girlfriend’s pass, but repeatedly denied me even on several appeals despite this being a clear failure of law. I am currently pursuing a class action lawsuit against Vail and ACM. If you are in similar circumstances and interested in joining a class action lawsuit, please feel free to email me at

  13. I absolutely agree with this. They will argue that a State Mandate is not a “Federal Government” mandate and that’s how they get around it. Do NOT give up and get that complaint off to your AGO.

    1. My complaint with the NY AG has been filed. In the filing process, one of the questions was if I had filed a complaint with any other agencies. I am not sure if this prevents me from filing additional complaints so I am going to hold off since the AG has the most muscle. My original intent was to inform the health departments in the NE states of Vail Resort’s indirect encouragement of its customers to disregard the State quarantine process. Hopefully this will result in fines. I will hold off pending the results of the AG complaint, but if anyone wishes to complain, they are , , and Vail Resorts deems quarantine as consumer apprehension or inconvenience. If the refund policy were not to change, everyone should just spread the pandemic stating per Vail Resorts, we are no longer apprehensive. Let’s see if that approach gets them in hot water.

    2. Oh, I don’t believe its a matter of Federal vs State Mandates. I think its Vail Resorts has taken the position that State issued requirements/guidance are not Mandates. I tried to school them as to a requirement coming from the state is a mandate to no avail (google it). I still think the Vail Resorts is fraudulently selling unlimited access passes in times of pandemic. I hope the AGs can stop this.. By definition, a quarantine limits access so the only way to provide unlimited access is to force guests to lie on the attestations that their guests are in compliance with State travel requirements. Such an operational approach during the 2020-2021 season is contrary to the VT Ski Resort COVID-19 Winter Operations Guidance. Definitely some shady practices at Vail Resorts.

  14. As I was drafting my Attorney General Complaint, it occurred to me that the simple act of quarantine in VT/NH is by definition the inability of Vail Resorts to provide unlimited access to their resorts. Hence, Vail Resorts is legally not meeting their commitment to provide unlimited access and is in direct violation of their terms of service.

  15. I finally managed to get a reply and denial of my refund by telling them I will go to my state’s Attorney General (will do so this week). Their denial was based on lack of mandatory travel restrictions and I could have used my pass. Like other’s, there was a two week quarantine requirement if I went into VT. To use their pass multiple times, I would have had to spend most of the winter in quarantine and not return home which violates the unlimited use of the pass because I could not use it each week. If you search on “Vail Resorts reverse course” you will find that Vail Resorts is now issuing credits for 2021-2022 season if you did not use the pass due to COVID. Apparently ACM claims did not get the word.

    I’ve been sending emails to to let them know how mad I am. I will be contacting my State’s Attorney General to get them to stop Vail Resorts from selling any future passes with this scam guarantee. In addition, I think I will contact the health departments in the NE states to see if anyone will fine Vail Resorts for encouraging skiers to break quarantine since that is the only way we could have actually used our season passes. Instead of simply extending my unused season pass into next year, they have forced me to make life as difficult as I can from an angry consumer perspective. How in the world do they expect to have income as many skiers like me will boycott their resorts for life because our money was in effect stolen.

  16. My dispute Thru Discover Card was finally resolved in my favor. I’m not sure if Discover Card decided not to Pay or if Vail finally threw the towel in. In any case don’t stop fighting you all! The Mass Atty Generals Office is working to get residents their refunds and hopefully will succeed.

  17. I bought two lift tickets to Sunapee, NH for 12/30 – due to impending rain we decided to cancel on 12/28 – well ahead or the intended skiing date.
    Two adult lifts at $89.00 each and equipment rentals at $44.00 each. incl taxes, we’re out $270.
    So far, we have received ONE lift ticket refund for $89 on Feb 10th!
    It’s now March 30th, and 4 refund requests have gone unanswered.
    not impressed – too bad, I liked skiiing at Sunapee, but i will go skiing elsewhere.

    1. Finally, almost 5 months and I got my reimbursement. I understand these are unprecedented time but this is on the verge or ridiculous.

      1. Update: I did receive the information emails from Vail resorts with the reimbursement.
        I did NOT however see the money on my accounts/credit card, etc.
        I’ll never set foot in a vail resort in my life.

        1. Seems to be same as my experience. On March 31 I got an email from ACM saying claim was approved and enclosing a form to be completed with my bank details. I sent it back to them the same day.
          June 11 and still no money received either by check, credit card refund or wire to my checking account.
          Is your experience the same?

  18. Is this legal??? section 14 of their terms and conditions …. “you will forfeit any rights yiu may have to select a forum for litigation relating to or arising out of these terms and conditions other than the forum specified in these terms.”

    Who would write such a thing. Oh WAIT! Someone who is trying to screw people out of their own money and give them no recourse except to deal with their unscrupulous claims department!

    They sent that to my Discover Card Disputes Center.

  19. I’ve got my state Attorney General Office calling me tomorrow to get the details on my complaint that I filed. Stay tuned!

  20. So Vail’s promise to refund or transfer unused pass/days for the 20/21 pass due to covid turns out to be complete bullshit … Just got off the phone with their support staff and I am absolutely livid.

  21. Write the Attorney General’s office in your state and Colorado. It can’t hurt. Also, file a complaint with Better Business Bureau. If everyone does it, we will get somewhere. I have done so, and now am doing this with not only Vail Resorts, but also ACM Claims. Class Action Suit, hope it happens!

  22. I have been fighting with Vail since December Regarding my Epic pass that I still have not used. I live in Massachusetts and have written to the Attorney General. I encourage anyone else from Massachusetts To write them. They are there to protect us from this type of blatant fraud. Anyone else out, write your state attorney general office. I tried Colorado, but I feel they might be prejudice because of the tourism aspect. Fight them any way you can! This is ludicrous.

  23. Hello, My Wife had Covid and is now a patient in the Mayo Clinic. She has to have daily breathing Treatments. We sent her Medical records to Vail and American Claims Management. Her Claim was denied. No reason for the denial. Vail will not refund her unused ski pass for the 2020/21 ski season.

  24. I’ve been skiing Vail almost every year since 1972 when there was barely a stick of construction in the North side of I-70. I’ve seen the mountain grow exponentially. I was there when the Gondola #2 from Lionshead accident happened in the 70’s and the ski patrol earned their lifetime salary for their efforts that day. My family has owned property in Vail, my brother passed away at Vail Hospital. His widow and daughter still live in the Valley. I was an Epic Pass Holder from the first year until about 3 years ago when we sold our condo there. I took another chance to ski there again this year (it is my favorite mountain), and bought the Epic Pass. For the same reasons as many on this board, my pass has gone unused and I’ve been denied both a refund and a request to simply roll it into next year. Now today I see the 20% discount for next year. Clearly an attempt to make those of us cheated out of this years pass feel somewhat redeemed. Not so much. Do they really think that spending a little less on next year’s pass will somehow take the sour taste out of my mouth from how I feel this year? It actually makes me less likely to participate in the future. Not really surprised by this but it does make me sad that 50 years of skiing Vail might be all there is for me.

    1. Does anyone have any email addresses they can share of any vail team so we can flood them with emails. I’m beyond furious!

        1. I have that email address, I was looking for others, such as some executives. They need to hear from us!

  25. I have always been a huge fan of EPIC pass, have used it for years and usually ski 15+ days a year out west (being from the east coast, that’s fairly significant). I always tell people to get the pass. I have tried twice to submit a refund request. Tahoe was a quarantine location, and, at one point, did not allow those from outside of CA to travel there. Plus, my husband is a federal employee and due to his essential role, was not able to take vacation as he normally would be. I even copied/pasted the restrictions from CA into my request. It was denied both times. I am very upset. Not only did the season get cut short in 2020 (had to cancel 2 trips), then EPIC generously offered a discount (while raising the rates, so a wash) and now we’ve paid for 2 unusable passes. I even offered that they just apply this years to 2021/22 pass. Epic needs to get it together and do the right thing. We trusted them to do just that and it’s not happening.

  26. I too purchased an Edge card / Epic pass as I have for over 20 years. It was our understanding that if travel restrictions remained in place I would get a refund. I called WB and was told that yes I would get a refund if travel restrictions were in place. I live on Vancouver island which makes traveling to WB a ferry ride and overnight stay. I applied for my refund and got an e-mail saying that yes I would be sent a cheque for my purchase. I then received another e-mail 9 hours later telling me that travel restrictions are not covered and my claim is denied . Vail is asking me to go against public health orders and to travel to use my card. What a bunch of scumbags.
    I will not be buying anything from Vail ever again. I will not be skiing at WB any longer. I will go to the BC Interior were they give a shit about my business.
    I hope Vail goes bankrupt.

  27. Me too! i cant believe they denied to refund. Live in NJ and normally go for Thanksgiving weekend to Mt Snow with family. I bought tickets with the assumption that we were going to get refunded if COVID was still and issue. VT implemented mandatory quarantine and so did NJ on the way back. What were we supposed to do? not go to work? go to VT 2.5 weeks ahead of time?? Got email MONTHS later (I called them 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, hoping that something would change) telling me that nope, no refund : “Government travel guidance that does not prohibit the use of your pass such as general quarantines… are not refund events,” adding that Epic Coverage “does not provide refunds for apprehension or inconvenience related to COVID-19.” are we supposed to just not abide by the mandates???

  28. I bought my pass in late November, not understanding that pass holders still have to make a reservation at Steven’s Pass (here in Washington state). I uploaded my photo, paid for my pass, paid the $4.95 shipping fee, and never received a single piece of mail from Epic. No pass, no nothing. A month later, I realized there was no pass coming and I tried making a reservation without the pass. My new job allows me only weekends to ride. Unfortunately, all the weekends are booked out for more than a month in advance. So I waited too long thinking they were going to send me a pass (which I had paid shipping for) and now cannot reserve any days in which I don’t have to work. I contacted ACM to get a refund under the “Epic Coverage” and was denied. Not a covered reason. There was no offer of a pass for next year (which I would be content with), no nothing. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to sell something, charge for shipping, and then never send it and deny a refund. I feel like I’ve been fleeced by grifters.

  29. Don’t forget about informing the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau, who has given Vail Resorts an “F” rating, which they truly deserve.

  30. My husband’s work requires that he follow the state travel guidelines, otherwise he could be fired. I sent in a letter from his HR stating this and it was denied. Also, they only had 1 hour or half day lessons for our kids, which wouldn’t really allow my husband and I to ski, as we don’t have child care out of state. It’s a huge thing to not have any child care available. I just think they’re handling this so poorly in this environment and agree about the lack of customer service. When I reached out to ACM claims, I had a contact who didn’t respond for weeks. I called his number, his voicemail said to call customer service, and then when I called customer service they said they couldn’t do anything because I already had someone handling my claim. It was a giant circle of nothingness. I agree with a previous commenter, show your dissatisfaction with your wallet…don’t buy again, especially if they don’t even allow transferring your unused pass to next year. We’re trying to do the right thing, and we’re being penalized for it.

  31. We just got our refund checks from ACM today! On the same day we *also* got another copy of the form “We’re considering your refund request” letter, also from ACM. Go figure.

    And all the refund checks were made out to the passholder (so, the kids each got a check) instead of to the person who paid for the passes (me). Another minor annoyance, but at least they finally honored the terms of the pass insurance.

      1. What was the rationale that ACM approved in your case? Also, please keep us updated on a class action suit @entire group Thank you!

  32. Please any update on a class action lawsuit. Any information please post. Sounds like there’s hundreds of people in the same boat.

    Please any lawyers out there.

    Any help please

  33. TERRIBLE experience with Epic Pass/ACM Claims. Four individuals from three states bought ski passes for end of December (2020). All four individuals were put under stay at home orders in the various states. Epic Pass/ACM refunded money to three of the four individuals. All requests were the same. The States of California and Louisiana stay at home orders were honored and refunds made, while the State of Virginia stay at home was not. Just poor, poor customer service with Epic Pass/ACM claims.

  34. Yes, and they completely f-d Stevens Mountain pass holders (Washington) by grossly overselling passes so that weekend reservations are quickly gone leaving many pass holders unable to ski on non-working days. A complete shit show and their “pass insurance” is complete bullshit. They just passed the problem on to a third party without consulting their customers. I wonder if a class action lawsuit would be possible.

  35. I purchased 2 day passes for my family in Nov. We ended up with COVID in Dec and I had to use my sick leave/vacation time to quarantine. I had to cancel my ski trip due to this. I have been trying to get a refund since Dec, 2020. I have submitted doctors notes and my quarantine orders and their forms. I have received 2 letters from American Claims management dated 1/14/21 and 2/16/21 stating my information is still being reviewed and that they will give me an answer. I have even tried calling and keep getting the same answer. I am about to get a lawyer. I am frustrated for paying for a service that I never go to use. Especially for the prices I paid for the passes for my family!!

    1. Me too! i cant believe they denied to refund. Live in NJ and normally go for Thanksgiving weekend to Mt Snow with family. I bought tickets with the assumption that we were going to get refunded if COVID was still and issue. VT implemented mandatory quarantine and so did NJ on the way back. What were we supposed to do? not go to work? go to VT 2.5 weeks ahead of time?? Got email MONTHS later (I called them 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, hoping that something would change) telling me that nope, no refund : “Government travel guidance that does not prohibit the use of your pass such as general quarantines… are not refund events,” adding that Epic Coverage “does not provide refunds for apprehension or inconvenience related to COVID-19.” are we supposed to just not abide by the mandates???

    2. My husband’s is 69 and I am 68, skiing is our love! What freaked me out was the idea of using the restrooms on the ski hill during COVID. Too many people packed too close together. Not feeling or believing that we are safe from some 20 year old hot shot in there without a mask is reason enough for a credit for next year for a huge corporation like VAIL. Colorado was a HOT spot for the virus most of the season. Even if they are touting that their numbers were only down about 16% I think they are lying through their preverbal teeth! If I do not get a credit I will never ski at a Vail resort or buy an EPIC pass again! Damn it!

  36. I’m having the same issue as everyone else here. I’m on the East Coast. We have had travel restrictions (which I take seriously) since December for NH and VT. Bought my pass in July. Watched the Covid numbers go up and called in August with the goal of cancelling the rest of my payment for my pass. I was talked out of it by a sales rep explaining that because of the their coverage I had nothing to lose by keeping the pass. I was NOT told that I could cancel my pass before September 17th and only lose the down payment. I was totally mislead by that sales rep and I have been fighting with Vail since December to get my refund. Denied THREE times! I’m not done fighting yet and I’d be interested in joining that class action lawsuit. How dare they state that you CANNOT SUE THEM in their terms and conditions. What a joke! Fraud on every level. I went to Atty General in CO and Mass, Better Business Bureau in both states as well. I’m screaming loud and clear to say away from this corporation. They have very bad business practices

    1. Vail just recharged me for the FOURTH time. So here we are in Mid-March and they still want me to pay $550 for a ski pass that I WILL NOT be using. They are disgusting! Discover Card said the issue is that I have no proof that they said I could get a refund in August! Well of course I don’t. Why would they put that in writing when they are trying to rip people off!! I asked for confirmation. They had no way to send me a email. My only proof I even called was a note I had put in my work notebook “Vail Corp refund” and some other scribbled information. I figure I’m lucky I even had that. I can’t believe that at this stage of the game they are STILL chasing me for $550! I’ve never bought an Epic Pass until this year and what an Epic Nightmare it has turned into For me. I will NEVER EVER make this mistake again. I hope they go bankrupt for what they are doing to their customers. CEO, whoever you are, you are a fraud and you better be careful karmas going to get you.

  37. We bought our passes in good faith and now the product that was advertised isn’t what we are getting-we bought a pass to ski a particular mountain in New England(i won’t say which one)-but many of the lifts aren’t running during the week when we ski – so you don’t have the whole mt to ski- as we did all the other years- the mt. has very limited lifts running-they say they can’t get people to run the lifts!! But somehow on weekends those lifts are open- we asked for a partial refund or credit- we’ve written to Vail-no answers- the local GM of the mt has said they can’t find people. Again Not the product Vail advertised!

  38. I purchased my pass prior to VT and MA travel restrictions. Living in MA just south of the VT border. I and many of my friends, ski at least once a week at Mt. Snow. Have been a Mt. Snow passholder for years. Not only did it take 3 months to actually get my pass secured due Vail’s purchase of Mt. Snow and the credit that I had from last year, now I can’t use it. Spent hours on the phone pre-purchase where “Heather” told me that if there were travel bans they would be covered on their coverage. Wrong! I have been denied twice despite not using my pass once. I even asked for a credit to be used next year. Sorry. I work at a school and take the pandemic seriously rather than as an “inconvenience”. Poor business model, guys. Not a good way to bust into a new market. As much as I love Mt. Snow, I will not be spending a penny on anything that Vail is associated with. I’ll drive the extra distance each trip to go somewhere else. Shame on you, Vail! Do the right thing!

  39. I live in the UK and am a UK citizen. Have a 2020/21 Epic Local Pass. UK government has issued a mandatory stay at home order banning international travel. US Government has alsol banned non US citizens from entering USA.

    Tried to use the Vail (ACM) refund claim form on the web. Their Webform allows you to select UK as country but rest of from requires US format phone number, US format ZIP code and a US state. So basically can’t use the form to make a claim. The Claims Management company clearly doesn’t realise that the is a world outside the USA.

    1. Same situation in Massachusetts. Can’t make trips out of state and back into MA without breaking the rules. Not skiing is our loss, but we’re trying to do the right thing until this pandemic is over. We all hoped for better times this season, and were falsely reassured by Vail when they included their epic coverage. After exhausting all ways to make skiing work, we tried ACM, and were denied. When I talk to a Vail rep on the phone they remind me I can use the pass out west! As if that was a workable option! They are just pushing us to disregard the mandates, break the Law, spread the virus, and go to their resorts and give them more money. Not skiing a Vail resort ever again if they don’t take their part of the pandemic hit like we all are.

  40. UPDATE: we just got email from Vail saying that they’ve changed their minds (i.e., their lawyers told them that ‘mandatory’ means ‘mandatory’) and that they’ll be refunding our passes in full. Presumably this should cover anyone in California who was under a regional stay-at-home order for more than 30 days.

  41. The tickets are already very restrictive as to picking exact days. FALSE advertising of “EPIC COVERAGE”. Will never buy a EPIC pass again. Shameful business practices. Would love to join a class-action lawsuit.

  42. Mehhh, I’m a doctor who makes $200K a year and I can’t get my money back for a $699 ski pass I bought during a pandemic, knowing very well that travel restrictions were in place.

    Yah, sorry… no pitty here.

    1. Not everyone is a doctor who makes $200K a year. Like myself. What a jerkoff thing to say! Some people bought passes for their families so multiply that times 5! And no, when I bought my pass, it was in July and there were no travel restrictions in place!

  43. Our request for refund has to do with an illness. We purchased passes for the 2020-2021 season at Park City. In August my wife had a re-occurrence of cancer she had 4 years ago. Between all of the radiation treatments throughout the fall and in hospital stay and continued follow-ups, she is not able to ski. I am her primary care taker taking her to all of her appointments (95 miles each way). I submitted a claim to Vail’s American Claims Management with the medical form they requested completed by her oncologist on November 20th indicating that she could not ski this season. They said it could take up to 30 days to process. It is now January 25th and all I get is stalling and a run around from them with the same form letter saying how busy they are, and sending the same form to fill out that they have had since November. I would suggest if you plan to purchase a ski pass for next season in advance, do not rely on the pass insurance coverage. Wait until the season is close and pay the extra money.

  44. Same issue. We are in SF Bay Area and under mandatory stay at home orders by county and state since 12/3/2020. Vail resorts states must be for 30 d which we clearly are beyond. Vail resort denying claims.

    If anyone is moving ahead w class action lawsuit please inform everyone.

  45. I’m in the same situation: Bay area resident, we’ve been under both county and state mandatory stay-at-home orders since December 6th. Was denied claim because it “does not provide refunds for apprehension or inconvenience related to COVID-19.” Despite the fact that their terms say it covers mandatory stay-at-home orders. What they seem to imply is that for it to count the state has to lock you inside your house! It’s clear that Vail handed everything off to the insurance company and instructed them to deny all claims as a way of avoiding refunds. They’re setting themselves up for some fraud charges and a class action suit.

  46. The state of CT has a MANDATORY quarantine when you return from leaving the state, and violations face fines. You are not permitted to return to work, nor children return to school, during that time. It’s not a recommendation or general guideline, it’s required by law. Haven’t used the Epic Passes purchased even 1 time for the season, they were provided this information, and I’ve been denied twice for any kind of refund or credit. They absolutely misrepresented their coverage as a ploy to sell more season passes, and it’s not legal. I am fairly confident a class action lawsuit will result in their lack of action to do what is simply the right thing.

  47. This has also happened to me out West. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we’ve been under stay at home order with all non-essential travel prohibited since Dec 6, 2020. I wasn’t able to ski at Northstar on Dec 19-20 and Jan 2-3. Although the ski resort was open for skiing, overnight lodging at the resort was restricted only for essential workers. And yet, my refund claim and subsequent appeal was denied as the stay at home order “…does not prohibit you from leaving your home to ski or ride at the resorts accessible on your pass”. This is extremely disappointing. The reason why I went ahead and purchased the season pass is because Vail listed mandatory stay-at home order as a qualifying event for a refund. I still cannot comprehend how the stay at home order here is not considered “mandatory”. No question, I will not be signing up for a season pass again.

    1. I agree 100%. The only reason I purchased an EPIC pass this year was because Vail stated that they would be refunded if you can’t travel due to the pandemic. This seems like pure fraud for them to now honor this statement and provide customers with refunds if they have not been able to use their pass as intended this season. I won’t ever purchase another EPIC pass after this debacle.

  48. This is Vail resorts business model, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to realize that you the customer don’t matter. It’s time that skiers and snowboarders stop buying the epic pass and spend their money at a resort that actually puts the customer first and profit second, they do exist it just takes a little more research and time . The internet is a great tool to find the resorts that give you value for your money. Rob Katz you need to resign and let someone else who understands customer service run Vail.

  49. Prohibited from traveling from the US to Canada and therefore unable to use my Whistler Blackcomb passes. Coverage denied. Incomprehensible and outrageous. If an actual prohibition to travel is not covered, Epic coverage is worthless and only a ploy by Vail to get money out of customers with false and misleading promises.

    1. Same thing has happened to my family. It is outrageous. We filed a dispute with our credit card company. If that isn’t successful we will be filing a lawsuit seeking attorney’s fees and punitive damages for outrageous business practices.

  50. We experienced same dodge on a trip canceled by our Vail resort. Our Minnesota ski group scheduled a trip to Breckinridge back in summer figuring COVID would potentially be over. We were able to book Vail property and fights. However Vail decided after we had booked that group tickets were not an option. So each member had to first go on-line and book their own Epic pass or Epic ski dates. I booked a 5 day Epic ticket for Breckinridge. Then you had to wait until first day they opened actual reservation days, to rush back on and hold the five days you paid for.
    Then on December 5 we get notice from our Vail Property that our rooms cannot be Offered due to Code Red level in Summit County and Vail Properties. So contacted the insurance vendor Vail is using to handle their claims and they are questioning if we get refund. Epic Pass COVID policy seems to be a total fraud and lie to get our money prior to states, county’s and their own resorts canceling our plans .

    1. My wife recently had a refund claim rejected ….. she is pregnant. It took 3 months for us to find out the claim was rejected and after submitting an appeal it takes two weeks for us to receive a response. What a complete shambles

  51. This looks like a short term gain, huge long term loss strategy. On the other hand, maybe they are betting with the market power of a duopoly they can do whatever they want

  52. This is just more proof that Vail resorts has no interest in providing customer service , it’s all about the profit.
    Vote with your wallet and don’t buy the epic pass !

    1. They have denied my claim, although I am covered because I had to quarantine. What’s worse, no one even asked for any proof or emailed or called at all. Never again, Epic.

      1. Same experience here. I cancelled Jan 2, never used 3 passes, and total silence. Inside scoop is that Vail Resorts hired ACM to “process claims” for 25% of the escrowed funds and told ACM they could keep all funds denied under that amount. DIRTY BUSINESS @VailResorts.. I even emailed CEO ( in late May and within 20 minutes got an email from ACM (2nd one in 5 months) stating my claim was DENIED. (aka CROOKEDNESS).

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