Veribier, Switzerland Avalanche Death Monday | 14th Avalanche Death in Switzerland This Winter

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Mont Fort, Verbier.
Mont Fort, Verbier.

A 21-year-old Swedish man was caught and killed in an avalanche out of bounds at Verbier ski resort, Switzerland on Monday afternoon.  This avalanche occurred off the backside of the Mont Fort tram (the tram that accesses the highest point of the Verbier ski resort).

The avalanche victim was skiing in the Cleuson area with 3 other Swedes when the avalanche struck.  The other skiers were able to free the trapped skier and alert rescuers.

A rescue helicopter arrived, provided medical care, and transported the injured man to a hospital in Sion where he was pronounced dead.

Clueson, area where avalanche occurred on Monday.  photo:
Clueson, area where avalanche occurred on Monday. photo:

Verbier has been deadly avalanche-wise this season.  4 skiers died in avalanches out of bounds at Verbier over the Christmas holiday this winter.  A British man also died in an avalanche last week and wasn’t located for 2 days after the avalanche occurred.

This avalanche occurred at 2,100m (6,890ft) on a north facing slope.  The avalanche danger was rated as “Considerable” on the Monday when the avalanche occurred.

“The bonding of the snowpack is most unfavourable in southern Lower Valais, northern and central Grisons, and northern Lower Engadine. In these regions, avalanches can penetrate even the near-ground, weakly bonded layers in some cases, on very steep and little used north facing slopes in particular.” – Swiss Avalanche Institute in Davos

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