VIDEO: 50-Years of Highlights at Jackson Hole, WY

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“Jackson Hole was founded on a simple but bold idea; having the courage and conviction of your dreams. Nearly fifty years later Jackson Hole continues to evolve as the last true bastion for all for those who dare to live this dream.” – Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is legendary and we can’t help but love them for embracing their extreme history.  The biggest and best have ridden at Jackson and they’re promoting that right up front.

And why not?  Jackson has the most intimidating terrain in the Lower 48.  They have the mellow stuff, too.  This turns out to be the perfect combo because you can come out to Jackson, ski mellow terrain while staring at the terrain of legends.  Or you can head up there and directly test yourself on the lines of the legends.

Thanks for this video and thanks for embracing our heros Jackson Hole.  

Happy 50th anniversary Jackson Hole.

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