VIDEO: Angry Skier Destroys Drone After it Nearly Hits Him on the Slopes

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This skier wasn’t happy when a drone almost hit him on the slopes, so he dished out his own punishment…

“I was skiing at Les Arcs station when two English guys almost hit me with their drone! I had a good revenge (sic).”

Would you have reacted the same?

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Angry Skier Destroys Drone After it Nearly Hits Him on the Slopes

  1. I am all for this dude messing up these clowns drone. Especially since it could of cause him to crash. It is one thing to fly your toy at height that is safe but these clowns had it at shoe level as the skier is coming right at it.

  2. Hiked to the the peak of Mount Crested Butte to enjoy the 360 degree views and then the double blacks down, had to wait 20 minutes while a group of Bell Ends crowded the top and flew a drone and took footage of themselves on ‘Vacay’. People just don’t know how to behave in public anymore.

  3. A couple of comments…
    -A French ski resort and they speak English–OK, now I want to ski France.
    -Wasting ski time to fly your drone–stupid. Flying a drone a low level where folks are going fast–very stupid. (This goes for skiing, biking, driving, running, and probably more.)
    -Wacking the drone out of the air–5.6 out of 10. (Points off for the downward strike.)
    -Skiing away with the pilot/copilot out of their skis–justice served.

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