VIDEO: World-Record-Holding Climber Colin O’Brady and Joe Rogan Talk Mt. Everest

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Colin O’Brady is a world-record-holding American climber from Olympia, Washington. In his explicit, uncensored interview with Joe Rogan, he details the terrifying realities of summiting Mt. Everest.

Whether it was a frostbite scare, a threat of suffering from cerebral edema, or seeing other climbers die in broad daylight, O’Brady’s climb up Mt. Everest was nothing short of an adventure. At one point in the interview, O’Brady even detailed a moment where he believed that his hand was frostbitten and was all but gone. These moments are to be expected when climbing up Everest but hearing his actual train of thought and the fear that O’Brady had really puts the difficulty of this climb in perspective.

In the full interview, Rogan and O’Brady cover countless other topics including an inaccurate National Geographic article, rowing a boat from South America to Antarctica, and his unaided solo trek across Antarctica. Colin O’Brady is an accomplished, first-ballot American climber with an inspiring story that is worth listening to over their Joe Rogan Experience interview.

O'Brady ice
“It’s best to descend the icefall before too much sun warms it up,” said O’Brady. Image: Instagram

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