VIDEO: “DEAD SPOT” — Disconnect to Reconnect on a Hut Trip in the Isolated Mountains of Interior B.C.

SnowBrains | BackcountryBackcountry

SnowBrains founder Miles Clark and Icelantic skis athlete Owen Leeper ventured to the remote mountains of interior British Columbia last season with Mountain Grown Media for the hut trip of a lifetime. Where they went there was no signal, no internet, no distractions — just towering, powder-covered mountains. They entered into the “dead spot” with nothing but their ski gear and an appetite for adventure.

“Our current world is surrounded by opportunities the internet has enabled for people to live in creative ways. This short film follows two skiers whose lives are defined by a never ending connection to the digital domain. While they venture outside the rim of connection and enter a world known to many as the “dead spot,” the two discuss their need to disconnect and appreciate the duality of their lifestyle.”

– Mountain Grown Media

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