VIDEO: “In The Meantime,” A Tanner Hall Film, Just Dropped

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“Tanner Hall is one of the freestyle ski world’s most storied figures. He’s been around for longer than just about anyone, having busted onto the scene in 2000 with Big Air victories at both the X Games and US Open.Since then, he’s won a ton of contests, co-founded Armada Skis and Inspired Media Concepts, broken his ankles, been dropped by Red Bull and Oakley, competed on the Freeride World Tour, and smoked an estimated metric tonne of de herbz, according to anonymous sources. Say what you will about the man, but he’s got a lot going on.” – Zach Skovron, TGR

The movie demonstrates Hall’s creative and adaptive persona beautifully and shows the man throwing triples. The film features sit-ski legend Jay Rawe and is free to watch on YouTube. 

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: “In The Meantime,” A Tanner Hall Film, Just Dropped

  1. For a skier who is held on such high regards. His slopestyle looks ugly as hell. On the other side, his freeskiing is beautiful and effortless!

    1. Right? Who cares. It’s like religion, best kept to yourself for personal enjoyment. I smoke it as well, but don’t push it on others.

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