VIDEO: Jesper Tjäder’s New “Unrailistic 2” Edit is UNREAL

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Jesper Tjäder is changing the game in slopestyle skiing. With his latest release of “Unrailistic 2,” the Swedish freeskier showcases new and creative tricks on never-before-seen features. He’s Picasso on sticks, one that throws massive double-corks off rails with literal staircases for landings. How this is even possible, we don’t know. But we like it.

Tjäder is known for his creative style in comps like Red Bull Playstreets and the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup, in which he placed first. He’s been skiing since the age of four and is always pushing himself to learn new tricks.

“I always try to push the sport and come up with tricks that no one has ever done before, or maybe only a few have done,” says Tjäder.”

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