VIDEO: Mikaela Shiffrin Writes and Performs Song as a Message to Everyone

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We are witnessing incredible acts of kindness and selflessness every day. The doctors and nurses helping the ill, and continuing to help the millions who have sickness and injuries not even related to this specific virus. The thousands of retired health professionals who have volunteered their services to aid the hospitals strained in space and resources. Those testing and developing treatments and vaccinations to this and every other disease. The firefighters, police force, and every other kind of public service worker and defender out there. Our service people from the Army, Navy, Air Force and beyond who unable to return home though they may feel torn in half by their obligation to protect our countries from afar and their longing to protect their families from home.

In Italy, a lot of the food plants are slowing down production significantly because the workers are worried about going to work, even though these plants are held to an incredibly high sanitation standard. Yet, these food plants staying in production is essential for the general public to continue to have access to food…

So I did a really small thing, in the grand scheme of everything. I wrote a song— inspired by the plant employees of my Barilla family continuing to put the public needs ahead of their own needs and fears, but it is a message to everyone.

Thank you.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Mikaela Shiffrin Writes and Performs Song as a Message to Everyone

  1. Talent beyond most, athleticism beyond most nd kindness and gratitude two of the most powerful and positive traits any human can have.
    Thank you Mikela
    You are absolutely the BEST!!

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