[VIDEO] Owen Leeper Sending Sketchy Cliffs and Chasing Powder in Jackson Hole, WY

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Skiing some of the best backcountry lines in Jackson Hole. It was a rough winter for snow and weather, we had a slow start and lots of wind, and quite a few of my favorite Jackson lines never filled in enough to hit. I looked elsewhere for snow, including Canada, Alaska, and even Argentina.

Everywhere I went, we had fun skiing but still dealt with avalanche issues and hard layers underneath, which kept me from hitting the big cliffs I love. It’s better to wait another year than get injured doing it in the wrong conditions.

It was the first season I partnered with Meier skis to build and test my own pro-model ski, named the “Leeper”! The zebra print in a few of the videos is the prototype I tested. We designed it with the ideal dimensions I love for skiing big mountain lines in Jackson Hole, 114mm underfoot. Check out more info on my website at www.owenleeper.com.

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