[VIDEO] Palisades Tahoe, CA, Ski Icon Scott Gaffney Releases Jaw-Dropping ’22-’23 Season Edit

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At 54 years old, Scott Gaffney is still skiing harder than almost everyone.

The Palisades Tahoe superstar and editor of industry-famous Matchstick Productions has been in the game since the days of Shane McConkey, who is a personal friend of his. He knows Palisades Tahoe (Formerly known as Squaw Valley) better than anybody else and is consistently romping around the mountain season after season, well into his middle-age years. A legend in his own right.

Gaffney’s latest season edit from the record-breaking 2022/23 winter has just been released. Gaffney shared regarding his season edit dropping in an Instagram post, writing:

“Anyway, quick season recap starting with the bad: tweaked a knee real good and sat on the sidelines for quite a while, didn’t get upside down a single time or spin much 😢 and overall skied mellower than I’d normally like.  The good: got some incredible snow in the big Tahoe winter, snuck in some quality lines and fun-sized airs, skied for a @tetongravity @palisadestahoe segment, didn’t blow an ACL like I’d thought, and was able to make up for lost time by getting in some glory days in May. Overall it was definitely a good one. If you care to watch some “nice” skiing and good times in bounds to get the stoke up for the winter ahead, the link for the full edit is [below]!”


About Scott Gaffney

Gaffney is the filmmaker, director, and editor of the famous Matchstick Productions which makes some of the strongest ski movies in existence. He is literally the G in Shane McConkey’s game of GNAR (Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness) that we all love so well. Gaffney has been all over the world and witnessed some of the most face-melting ski sessions that have ever gone down. His love for Palisades Tahoe shines through all he does and his stories of spending time with and watching the progression of his best friend Shane McConkey are absolutely golden. Gaffney’s affinity for surfing in freezing cold Lake Tahoe during the winter is weird and fascinating. He is a world-class skier in his own right and is still crushing it at 52 years old. Gaffney is truly an inspiration and what he’s seen go down in the ski world is intensely unique.

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