[VIDEO] Patrollers Respond to Skier-Triggered Inbounds Avalanche at Snowbird, UT

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Ski patrollers responded to an avalanche at Snowbird, UT, on Saturday. The slide occurred on the Road to Provo trail off the top of the Little Cloud lift. The trail was reportedly open. A number of people were caught and carried by the skier-triggered avalanche, but nobody was buried or injured, reports KSL.

A tweeted video by Jani Radebaugh shows a line of patrollers probing the debris and searching the scene with beacons, Recco, and dogs. A big crown 200 feet wide has been reported on social media.

Snowbird has seen 127″ of snow this season, including 13″ in the previous 48 hours. Avalanche danger for Saturday was rated CONSIDERABLE on all mid and upper-elevation steep slopes. Two days ago, the resort was all but closed. Only the Chickadee lift was running due to high winds ahead of the predicted heavy snowfall.

If you see or trigger an avalanche adjacent to a ski area, please notify them. Two avalanches were triggered in the past two days where ski patrol and helicopters were called in because nobody reported them, and they had to assume someone could be buried.

Snowbird, UT trail map

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Patrollers Respond to Skier-Triggered Inbounds Avalanche at Snowbird, UT

  1. Technically, the picture shows an avalanche in an area known as The Knucklehead Traverse which extends from The Road to Provo above visable morains to the top of the Gad II lift.

  2. Scary….I intentionally try to go skiing on fresh powder days….makes me want to stick to < 30 degree slopes even inbounds if I knew which was under and which was over.

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