VIDEO: Skiing in Iran Looks Unreal

Miles Clark |

I have a few friends from Iran and they always tell me how incredible the skiing can be there.  They speak to the the dry snow, the huge mountains (up to 18,000-feet), the low crowds, and the good vibe.

For some reason, the Scandinavians already have Iran figured out and have been skiing there for decades. 

After all I’ve heard and after watching this video, I think it’s time for me to go.

The peaks in this video remind me of Las Lenas, Argentina and the culture looks incredible. 

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Skiing in Iran Looks Unreal

  1. I made a skiing trip to Iran last February. Pooladkaf located close to Shiraz is the most exotic Iranian ski resort. Shemshak, Darbandsar and Dizin resorts are within relatively easy reach from Tehran, Dizin being comparable with mid-sized resorts in USA or European Alps. Tochal with its two chair lifts reaching to 3,900 m a.s.l. is accessed via a super long cable car starting from Tehran outskirts at 1,900 m a.s.l. I faced low snow cover and enjoyed incredibly cheap taxi transport to the mountains with the drivers waiting there for me for about USD 30 for the trip. Whoever ventures appearing there will be warmly welcome by the locals. Last but not least, Iran has also grass ski racers and resorts where international events are held regularly. If you go there, leave your payment cards at home (cannot be used there) and be ready to enjoy low prices and contacts with kind-hearted people. I would be pleased to answer any questions regarding skiing in Iran (A ski mountaineering trip to Damavand, the highest mountain in Middle East with its peak at 5,671 m a.s.l., is not uncommon.)

  2. Would love to visit Iran but I’m American and I’m afraid someone over there would want to do me harm as revenge for my government’s actions there and in the Middle East.

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