[VIDEO] Super Human Feat As Sherpa Saves Hiker From Certain Death on Mount Everest, Nepal

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Screenshot from the video of Gelje Sherpa carrying the hiker down to safety. | Picture: Gelje Sherpa Instagram Page Screenshot

Gelje Sherpa was pushing for the summit with his Chinese hiking group for Seven Summit Treks on Friday, May 19, 2023. On the Balcony area at Mount Everest, Nepal, the seasoned hiker encountered a man in trouble. The experienced Sherpa guide knew immediately that the man was facing certain death unless somebody helped him. So Gelje decided to cancel the summit push with his clients and instead rescue this stranger while risking his own life.

The hiker, identified as 33-year-old Malaysian national Ravi, was wrapped up and strapped together in a cocoon-like contraption. Gelje then saddled him on his shoulders and carried him back down to Camp IV, where a rescue team awaited them. Ravi is alive thanks to Gelje and the other Sherpas, who risked their lives for a stranger.

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