VIDEO: Tanner Hall’s 2 Year Movie Project “Ring the Alarm” Has a Sick Alaska Segment

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Screen shot from "Rind the Alarm" AK segment. image:
Screen shot from “Rind the Alarm” AK segment. image:

To watch Tanner Hall’s 38-minute, 2-year movie project, “Ring the Alarm”, please visit: 

and scroll down a touch.

The $$$ Alaska segment of this video goes from 24:00 to 29:00.

There’s something about this Alaska segment.  

It’s raw, carnal, up close, and feels real.

Maybe it’s how they filmed it.  Maybe it’s the back and forth from heli angle to POV?

It’s something…

The shots left behind that polished, far off “barbie shot” and they got in the skiers faces to bring us the feelings they feel, the snow to the face that blinds them, the fear that causes them to speed check…



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