[VIDEO] ‘The Fifty’ is Back with a New Season and New Lines! | #37/50* – A Rarely Skied Giant of British Columbia

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The Fifty series is back with a brand new season, where professional skier Cody Townsend and his filmmaker Bjarne Salen embark to climb and ski all 50 of the 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.  In the first episode of season four, Townsend and Salen go after #37 on the list: the Comstock Couloir in British Columbia.

“Deep in the backcountry of the infamous Rogers Pass in British Columbia, Canada, lies a rarely skied beast of a line, the Comstock Couloir. This three thousand foot line is guarded by a full day’s walk, multiple avalanche paths and aspects, glaciers and a giant cornice that guards the top of the line like a gargoyle guarding its castle. Now throw in a year with as weird and challenging of weather as it gets and the Comstock gets even more challenging. Spanning a month of waiting, multiple weather shut downs, the kickoff line of the fourth year of The FIFTY proves to be a difficult line to check off the list for Cody Townsend.” – The Fifty series YouTube

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