VIDEO: Using Coffee To Visualize Avalanche Danger

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This is very cool.

These guys and gals at the Utah Avalanche Center are the sh*t.

“This one is for the real snow geek’s out there!! We were fortunate to have the Utah Avalanche Center’s Drew Hardesty stop by our Level 3 course in Utah this week. Here they pour cold coffee into a south facing slope that has begun to undergo spring like melt-freeze cycles. This is a tool forecasters utilize to help determine, where liquid water may impound, or pool, in the snow pack which can help forecast potential depth and size of wet slab activity.” – UAC

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Using Coffee To Visualize Avalanche Danger

  1. And at Squaw forecasters can get a fresh cup of joe at the only mid mountain, ski up delivery, Starbucks in N.A. if not the world.

    Awesome reporting Miles

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