Wasatch Mts, UT Report: 1st “Powder” in Weeks! | It Was Dust on Crust…

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Report from February 18, 2022

Yesterday, I got out for a short skin and a short ski after the Park City area got around 3″ of snow.

The day was sunny and warm and windless.

I walked up to the Park City ridgeline and looked for a spot that might be soft.

Dutch Draw. image: snowbrains

Clearly, it wasn’t a true powder day but there was new snow and I couldn’t handle not knowing exactly how it skied.

After hanging out on the ridge for a few minutes and taking in the views of Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird, and Salt Lake City, I dropped in.

The snow was dry and loose on top of firm ice that I was hitting on every turn.

Rock walk. image: snowbrains

There was maybe 5″ of new snow up there on very firm snow and/or ice.

In spots, the snow was wind-pressed and catchy.

I made a lot of turns and kept it slow all the way down, not wanting to get hung up and take an ugly fall in the dust on crust.

Ridge walk. image: snowbrains

The low angle trees below the ridgeline were fun and perfect for butt-wiggle turns.

I ended up on a groomer, took 1 lift, and skied home.

I liked that I could see my tracks from the bottom of the hill.

Salt Lake City. image: snowbrains

Once home I looked out the window and smiled knowing that I’d given it my best shot.

I guess we’ll all just keep waiting – waiting for snow.

Dry. image: snowbrains

Avalanche Forecast

image: UAC, 2/19/22

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 2/19/22


Tombstone. image: snowbrains
Cornices. image: snowbrains
My tracks on the right. image: snowbrains
Solitude. image: snowbrains
Be careful. image: snowbrains
Peak 5. image: snowbrains
Cottonwoods. image: snowbrains
We need snow. image: snowbrains
Park City, UT. image: snowbrains
Park City, UT. image: snowbrains

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