Weather Forecast: April Still Delivering Snow!

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Coming in for a stop and getting deep
Squaw Valley on April Fool’s day.

Winter has continued to make a comeback in April. There are two separate storms currently making their way across the United States.The Tahoe region got upwards of two feet from mother nature’s April Fools joke. Mt. Bachelor also received several feet of snow in the same storm cycle.

Colorado and Utah are experiencing the tail end of a storm that moved into the region on Wednesday. The storm left 8-10” across the Front Range last night, and similar amounts in the past 48 hours throughout the Wasatch range. The current storm system will be leaving the front range this afternoon after leaving up to 4 inches of snow.

modelfor04052014from04032014Precipitation forecast for Saturday. image: NOAA

Starting Friday night and another storm will enter the region. Storm snowfall totals of over 12” are forecasted for the Wasatch Range. The same storm system will be hitting the Montana Rockies Friday with storm totals of 12”.

The Pacific North West will also receive snowfall this weekend. Currently there is a system over the region that will be dropping significant precipitation in the North Cascades. Mt. Baker will receive 6-10” tonight and further South Crystal Mountain will receive up to 5” tonight. This weekend a small low pressure system entering the region on Saturday and moving out on Sunday. Snowfall totals of around 5-6” are expected in the South Cascades and similar amounts in the North Cascades.

The Tahoe area will see a light dusting of snow these next few days, but no accumulation is expected, these storms are tracking a bit further north.

modelfor04102014on04032014Looking into the future, one week from today and nothing but high pressure. image: NOAA

Looking past the weekend, high pressure and sunny weather are forecasted through the next week. Looking further, there are storms brewing that could deliver more moisture around the 17th of April.

modelfor04172014from04032014Two weeks out, potential return of snow?! image: NOAA

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