Mount Bachelor, OR Report: We had FUNN!; Second ‘N’ For Extra Fun!

Chad Walker | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Video Credit:  Shawn M. Clark   Skiers: Chad Walker and Shawn M. Clark

Music by Tyler Smilo

Report from 2nd week in January, 2020

So this week could not have been any better.  Period.  The snow gods have kept delivering the goods all week and there is no end in sight.  Unfortunately, there were still no groomers open.  They have yet to deal with visibility either!  It doesn’t matter.  Just ski as straight and as fast as you can all while remembering to smile A LOT!


This will be the first 100-inch month since 1999!  Image: Mt. Bachelor


We got an early start on the mountain road.    Photo: Snowbrains
We got there with an hour or so to spare. Photo: Snowbrains
We smiled a bunch today! Photo: Snowbrains


The GOODS are still falling. Photo: NOAA

I can’t believe it’s only supposed to snow another foot or so while I’m here. What a waste of time!  LOLS!  Ski more.  Work less!  Smile lots!

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