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West of Center, by Jason Albert, is an adventure podcast that looks to bring you closer to the outdoors through tales and talks of outdoor adventures.  In a world that revolves around the 24 hour news cycle, Jason looks to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a moment to appreciate the world and the adventures its holds.  Listen below, as he examines backcountry skiing in Episode 2: Angle of Repose.

West of Center Backcountry Skiing

Here is what Jason has to say about his work:

West of Center is a podcast I’m producing from Bend, Oregon. I’m an independent public radio producer who wanted an outlet for longer form audio stories about adventure and the outdoors. Sometimes those kinds of stories are a hard sell for traditional public radio outlets.

My scope for stories on West Of Center will be broad. For example, I love how National Geographic produces science, anthropology, environmental, and adventure content. No pigeon holing here. I’m thinking that to keep my ADD at bay, I’ll have to cast a wide net. But thematically, I’ll develop stories linking back to the natural world, adventure, and a sense of place.


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