“What Is & Where Is Sochi, Russia?”

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Sochi, Russia... not what you though, huh?
Sochi, Russia… not what you though, huh?

Yep, Sochi, Russia, home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, is a beach town.  Ya know, palm trees, warm water, bikinis, sunscreen?  Sochi lies in a sub-tropical climate akin to Florida’s climate.

But 30 miles away from that beach lies the foot of the Caucasus mountains (which white people are named after) and, hopefully, a lot of snow.

Already the russians have stockpiled 450,000 cubic meters of snow…  just in case it doesn’t snow in Sochi as it didn’t this year.

Buzzfeed does a great job with breaking down what Sochi is all about and where the heck it is and why the Olympics are going there.  And they make it funny.  Check out their full explanation of what’s going down with Sochi here:


image:  buzzfeed.com
image: buzzfeed.com

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