What’s The Consensus On Skiing With Music?

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Music while skiing
Sammy Carlson shredding with Skullcandy headphones. Photo courtesy of Skullcandy.

Long lives the music versus no music debate within the skiing community. The majority of my friends can’t click into their bindings without first plugging into their music; however, I know a few outliers that say listening to music while skiing dilutes the feeling of being one with nature. I remain on the fence regarding this issue. Most days I could give or take listening to my music while out on the slopes (mostly because low temps kill my phone every damn time), but for the sake of investigative skiing journalism I have interviewed a few of my shred head pals on their opinions regarding this heated debate.

Pal #1

When I’m skiing with other people I don’t listen to anything because I’d rather be talking. But if I’m skiing alone I’ll listen to the Dead or something.” 


Pal #2

“I like surf/punk rock when I’m going fast, classic rock and maybe some funk in the powder, and old school hip-hop when I’m in the park. But when I’m with good buddies no music at all.”


Pal #3

“I would say I’m listening to Jack Johnson, like the song Banana Pancakes. Or Chance The Rapper. Just some chill music that you can’t not be happy listening to.”


Pal #4

“I never listen to music when I ski. I know it’s old school, but I like to be in tune with nature when I’m out there in the mountains. Being distracted by noise or fumbling around with my headphones is a no go for me.”


Pal #5

“I would say ‘Still D.R.E.’ is my favorite because I like the instrumental behind it. It makes me feel light on my feet, and the quick tempo makes me mob down the mountain in style. A bumping throwback on my ski playlist is a must for sure.”


So there you have it folks…The word on the street is that music can really amp up your ski style. But when you’re with your buds the move is to unplug and enjoy the company.


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