What’s In The Pack? | Alaska Heli-Ski Guide Backpack

Miles Clark |

Why do heli-ski guides complain about their backpacks?

What’s in a helicopter ski guide’s backpack?

What’s in their pockets?

A lot…

Miles owning the heli fueling station with style. image: Justin McCarty Photography

My heliski guiding backpack weighs 30+ pounds.

I’m carrying about 60 pounds of gear overall when I drop in.

Check out this video to see exactly what I carry on a day out heliski guiding in Alaska.

Miles landing the heli. image: Justin McCarty Photography

I guide in Valdez, Alaska for Pulseline Adventure heliskiing.




Miles and guest being ultra safe. image: Justin McCarty Photography

Videos of Miles Heli-Ski Guiding in Alaska w/ This Heli Guide Backpack:

Miles on the scene. image: Justin McCarty Photography

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