Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Alpine Goods

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Some good snow up high in the pockets.

Yesterday Whistler received 12cm of new snow, refreshing the upper mountain.  This new snow was definitely a nice addition to the current conditions as it allowed for fast and smooth skiing in the alpine.  The previous week we had a nasty warm system that came through and rained almost to the peak, and in some areas there is two inch rain crust.  The storm eventually cooled down, but only delivered a small dusting of snow on top of this layer.  Once this snow was skied out and consolidated it skied a bit better, and finally this last system allowed for some good turns in the alpine and variable snow at tree line and below.

shale slope
Shale slope off of peak chair early in the day. Up high the snow is soft and smooth.

Up high, where there was very little or no rain effect from the previous storm, was the place to be today.  The snow held out and was consistent to ride.  Occasionally you would break through this nice upper layer and hit the crust underneath, especially as you got lower to tree line.

side hits
A little side hit lower down on the mountain with some firmish landings.

In the backcountry this recent 20-40cm over the last week on top of the rain crust has created a very nice wind slab that has been fairly reactive.  Also, with the rain event, a lot of cornices and wet slab debris have yet to be covered so be careful when coming out the outrun of some areas as it can be chundery.  Looking into this coming week we can expect some variably cloud cover and colder temps.


snow totals



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