Whistler, B.C. Conditions Report: Deep Snow with 25-35″ Forecast Next 4 Days

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Found some neck deep snow in some spots today! Only supposed to get better from here
Found some neck deep snow in some spots today! Only supposed to get better from here

The storm has rolled in.  On Thursday Whistler was getting pounded with snow all day.  However, as with most of the storms that roll into Whistler, it is all a game of freezing levels.

The freezing line Thursday was just a few hundred meters from the top of Roundhouse on Whistler, and then a few hundred meters above the bottom of the Jersey chair on Blackcomb.  Above freezing line there was about knee deep of nice wet pow and in the alpine the snow seemed to be sticking to everything as long as it was not directly in the strong winds.

wet pow
Some of the wet pow building up on Thursday on Blackcomb

Coming in to Friday I was expecting the freezing level to drop and a refresh of snow overnight.  I got up and skied around Whistler for the morning.  The rain level remained fairly high and the snow a few hundred meters below Emerald Chair had a rain crust on it.

I tried to make the move to go to higher elevations, and hiked towards Harmony.  However, I was unable to gain much elevation as patrol had closed the area to do some avalanche control.  The top bit of each run was awesome and then slowly transitioned to mank.

filing in
Terrain is filling around snow line on Whistler

I finally took the Peak2 Peak over to Blackcomb about mid day and thought it would be worth seeing if I could hike towards 7TH Heaven.  Score!!  A bunch of people were hiking over that way for a reason.  I hiked up about 10min and stayed in tree line at 7th Heaven, and there was some waist deep snow.

The hike also provided just enough elevation to have deep consistent snow for the entire run, besides the last 50ft to the cat track.  People were hiking into the alpine and I imagine it must be pretty amazing up there as well as long as you ski something that has not been wind affected.

wet roller balls
There were some wet roller balls and wet slide action visible in the alpine today. (left slope)

The storm does not seem to show any signs of letting up until Wednesday with freezing levels around 1200-1400 meters and 130cm in the forecast.  Should be an awesome time!

snow slash


snow totals


This forecast is calling for 61-90cms (25-35″) of snow in the next 4 days.


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