Whistler Conditions Report: Mixed Weather and Surprise Pow

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In the steep sections, snow held well and was really good.

For the last two weeks I have been traveling to Denver and Munich for SIA and ISPO ski tradeshows.  During this time I got to wander and check out all of the gear coming out for next winter and talks about future trends in snowsports.  These shows are always an awesome mix of ski and snowboard industry people, all there to have a good time and stoked on riding.

During my travels, I was hearing and seeing on media outlets and weather forecasts that Whistler was getting pounded with rain.  I was a little bit scared to come back and see what the mountain was like, especially with the weird winter we have been having so far.

low light
Although we were under the clouds for most of the day, visibility was still fine.

When I awoke at 6:30am due to jet lag, I checked the forecast to see what the day had in store.  A few hours later I heard some bombs going off on Whistler.  I decided to head up the mountain into the clouds and mystery snow.

By the time I got to the top of the Whistler Gondi, I was a bit anxious as I had not skied in two weeks.  I headed straight to Peak Chair to get an assessment of the snow at the highest part of the mountain.  I was happily surprised at what I found.  The snow was fast and fresh in some areas.  Where it was steep and nobody had skied you could get boot to waist deep snow which was awesome.  In flatter aspects of the mountain and on South facing slopes, there were a lot of rollerball snow chunks from the rain, sun, and snow sliding.  As long as you avoided these areas though you were in for a good time.

Was lapping this terrain and other areas of peak chair for most of the day

I spent the day lapping peak chair line and hitting some small drops along there.  I also ventured over to Harmony and the face just a short hike from the top that faces towards peak chair.  This zone had seen almost no traffic all day and had tons of fresh good snow.  Overall, I was stoked on coming back to Whistler, especially with the surprise of some good snow up high.



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  1. sounds you hit a brief window between pineapples it’ll get sloppy real quick if its whis you go on a turn by turn basis you never know..

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