Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT Employee Stages Protest After Facing Racism and Sexism All Season

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whitefish mountain resort, Montana
Peaceful protest at Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT. Credit: Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

A group of up to thirty Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT employees, and Flathead Valley residents staged a peaceful protest at the resort on Sunday to address diversity and racial inclusion.

One of the organizers of the protest, lift operator Mariah Rine, shared a prepared statement with the press. She alleges she faced ‘microaggressions’ and covert and overt racism and sexism throughout the season, and was referred to as an ‘N-word’ by her supervisor in uniform.

“On my arrival to Whitefish Mountain Resort, I was internally met with excitement due to the fact that was embarking on a new job as a liftee. At the beginning of the season, I was met with subconscious bias due to the fact that I’m a person of color, a woman and queer. I have always been upfront about who I am, while understanding the need to respect everyone.

While working Chair One and Six throughout the season I was faced with microaggressions, as well as covert and overt racism and sexism. Each time I attempted to stand up in the face of these injustices, it was simply brushed off as a small issue, and nothing was done to move forward in a positive direction. A month ago at the Beerstub, I was outside with my roommate and the supervisor on the deck, where we circled around the discussion of equal representation, specifically on the mountain, and the lack of it. This was followed up by the supervisor letting us know we did not have an equality problem, because we already have an N-word, working on the mountain. Obviously, he didn’t say the ‘N-word.’ He actually said the word with the hard ‘R’, referencing me to my face. At this point I took the high road and walked away because I knew the issue would not be resolved right then and there. I immediately took verbal action steps in the lift operations unit to attempt to remedy this incident in a peaceful manner, the next morning. There was hardly any follow up right away, until the spread of information brought it out, and then the mountain wanted to save face through the lens of HR and upper management.

We demand equal rights for all in this workplace and we’ll continue to strive to create a space that is held for all no matter of race, gender or sex. We are asking for a cultural shift forward from this mountain, as well as extending out to this community and abroad. We thank you for your time. Taking the time to listen to us and encourage the movement to continue long after the protest ends. We would also like to take the time out to acknowledge the fact that after meeting with the mountain, they are attempting to hear us out, and potentially continue to work with us, as far as meeting our ask for all our concerns.”

Another employee quit because the supervisor mentioned in the above statement was not terminated, KPAX reports.

The protest group, Culture Change at WMR, is asking for changes to be implemented and expanded on a systematic level at the resort. Whitefish Mountain Resort responded with the following statement:

On Wednesday March 17, 2021 the resort became aware of an email circulating through the Flathead Valley community regarding a planned protest and sit in at the resort that would take place on Sunday March 21, 2021. The purpose of this protest was to address diversity and racial inclusion. The resort responded immediately with changes that are already in place as well as a plan moving forward with additional changes to continue fostering a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

On the morning of Sunday March 21, 2021 around 9:00 AM, a group of about 20-30 people made up of Whitefish Mountain Resort employees and Flathead Valley residents did participate in a peaceful protest and sit in at the resort. Protesters were in between Chair 1 and Chair 2 and on Big Mountain Road. The protest lasted at the resort until about 1:00 PM.

“We have identified a clear plan moving forward on these issues and are dedicated to enacting change. We want to say thank you to those that came to us with their concerns, and we are committed to following through with our efforts,” said Kristi Hanchett, Director of Human Resources. 

Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT frontside trail map

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  1. Anonymous is a lonely POS…sad!
    The town of whitefish has a nickname ya know….whitefascist.
    That part of the montana along with northern Idaho has more swastikas and Confederate flags than anywhere else I’ve seen. 1%ers protecting their white privilege and their very shallow gene pool. Deplorable.

    1. Well we all know Anonymous a jerk, and most likely a very unlikable person. Also someone without a clue. Racisms what’s needed out of skiing.

    2. Why because she doesn’t like having to deal with racist BS at work? I live in Montana and sadly it can be pretty bad here. Also these jerks have been emboldened in the past 4 years and have crawled out from under their rocks and are much more out in the open. and in peoples faces.

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