Who Got the Most Snow in 2012/13?

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Revelstoke December 2012. photo: brian schott
Revelstoke December 2012, Miles Clark. photo: brian schott

We are just about at the end of snowfall season, so it makes sense to see who got the most snow this year in North America.  The 2012/13 ski season was thin in spots and thick in spots.  Too many of us ended up on the thin spots.  The Pacific Northwest once again showed their ability to get snow even in the mildest of winters.

Also, check out who’s still open in North America right now:  Open Ski Resorts

Mt. Baker powder day on March 18th, 2013.  photo:  brett benson
Mt. Baker powder day on March 18th, 2013. photo: brent benson


#1 – Mt. Baker, WA = 720″ 

#2 – Alyeska, AK = 718”

#3 – Mt. Washington, B.C. = 685″

#4 – Timberline, OR = 544″

#5 – Stevens Pass, WA = 541″ 

#6 – Mt. Seymour, B.C. = 503″

#7 – Revelstoke, B.C. = 452″

Alyeska spring 2012.  photo:  snowbrains
Alyeska spring 2012. photo: snowbrains

#? – Snoqualimie/Alpental = No totals available yet, but we know they’re in here…

#8 – Whitewater, B.C. = 451″

#9 – Alta, UT = 448″

#10 – Fernie, B.C. = 437″

#11 – Whistler Blackcomb = 430″

#12 – Cypress Moutain, B.C. = 423” (not updated since early April)

#12 – Grouse Mountain, B.C. = 423″

#14 – Mt. Bachelor, OR = 418″

All the above snow totals were taken from the top of the mountain and reported as of 4/23/2013.

{SnowBrains independently compiled this information.  Please let us know if we’ve left anyone out.}

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15 thoughts on “Who Got the Most Snow in 2012/13?

  1. Roger that. Putting Fernnie in now. Sorry about that. Thanks for the help. Totally forgot about Fernie. That place rocks.

    1. Ah. I completely forgot Mt. Washington. Had them in my last post on this. They always get a ton of snow. Fixing this now. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Ah, it snowed since we wrote this. Shoulda waited a bit longer. No worries, we’ll do another one in a few weeks once we’re more confident that it’s done. Baker and Alyeska will be going back and forth for this one. thanks for the update.

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