Will Killington Resort, VT, Be the Last Mountain Standing in the East?

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Superstar Glacier, May 27, 2023 / Photo Credit: Brooke Geery/Killington Resort

Killington Resort, VT, is traditionally the last ski resort on the east coast each season to remain open. There have been occasions where Killington has stayed open till June, and this season had many hoping this may happen again. Despite the hopes of skiers and riders, Killington announced that their final day of the season would be Monday, May 29th, of Memorial Day Weekend.

However, something interesting happened this week when Sommet Saint-Sauveur Ski Resort in Quebec posted an update to its planned operating schedule on its Facebook page:

 Thank you all for coming to the last chair of the season at the Saint-Savior Summit! We have one last surprise in store for you: get your skis on May 30th for a bonus ski evening!!!!”

Sommet Saint- Sauveur Ski Resort is located about four hours north of Killington and about two hours northwest of Montreal, Canada. The May 30th closing date meant that Sommet Saint-Sauveur would take the title as the last resort standing in the east, beating Killington by one day. Some may say that Sommet Saint-Sauveur is in Canada, which does not technically count as a resort on the east coast. However, this is Killington, AKA the Beast in the East, and they pride themselves on being the last resort open every season in the east, whether in the US or Canada.

Today, Killington announced on its website that it would try and reopen on Thursday, June 1st, or Saturday, June 3rd. Killington posted the following on its website this morning: 

When is Killington’s Closing Day?

Your typical ski resort decides on a closing day before opening for the season. But here at The Beast, we do things differently. We know you want to ski and ride, and if we can keep it rolling, we will. So rather than announcing this Monday, May 29th(when we’re confident we’ll still have plenty of snow to lap Superstar) as our definitive closing day, we’re going to wait and see.

Unfortunately, the forecast for next week looks HOT – which is extremely unfavorable for maintaining snowpack, and we just don’t know what will happen. But, if on Wednesday, May 31st we survey the glacier and find plenty of snow to provide great skiing and riding, we hope to say YES! To Thurs. June 1st OR Sat. June 3 skiing is a go.

If we can ski and ride in June, a $25 day ticket will be available, and all proceeds will be donated to the Rutland County Pride in honor of Pride Month. New Beast 365 passholders, as well as all 2022/23 Killington passholders and 2022/23 IKON passholders, are invited to ski or ride at no charge. Thanks for a great season!

I had the opportunity to talk with a representative at Killington, and there was no official statement by Killington that Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s decision to remain open one day longer than them prompted this announcement.

Mother Nature will ultimately play the hero or villain in this scenario, and looking ahead to this week’s weather forecast, it will be difficult for Killington to pull this off. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 7-day forecast for next week for the Killington area will see higher temperatures. NOAA’s forecast for next week’s temperatures has highs in the 70s and 80s, with lows in the 50s and 60s. The weather forecast predicts primarily sunny conditions throughout the week, with Friday being the only day with a chance of showers.

We will all have to wait to see on Wednesday if Killington can pull this off and keep its title as the last resort in the east to remain open for the season.

For more information on Killington’s operating schedule, visit its website: https://www.killington.com/?season=summer.

View of Superstar Glacier from Vale Camping Lot, May 27, 2023 / Photo Credit: Brooke Geery/Killington Resort

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