Winter Fun? Fitness? Travel? You Decide With Envo’s New Electric Snowbike

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The new Flex Snowbike by Envo.
The new Flex Snowbike by Envo. pc: newsatlas

Pedal-Assisted Electric Snowbike

Canadian electric mobility company Envo is back at it again with another innovative concept. Two years ago, they emerged with an Electric Snowbike Kit to convert any bike into an awesome pedal-assisted electric snowbike. Now improving on their design, Envo introduces a complete pedal-assisted electric Snowbike.

Envo’s Snowbike is part of their new Flex line for off-road e-bikes. What makes this design so special is the foldable aluminum alloy frame. It serves as a modular unit allowing for interchangeable attachments to fit your individual needs. For example, the unit can handle groceries, carry a surfboard, or even hook up an extra battery.

Snowbike's front fork or ski.
Snowbike’s front fork or ski. pc: newatlas
Close-up view of the snowbike's rear tread.
Close-up view of the snowbike’s rear tread. pc: newatlas

Features & Specs

Envo’s Snowbike features a lithium battery and a 1,500-watt motor capable of powering it to top speeds of 12mph and distances of 9-31 miles, depending on terrain. (Double the distances with a second battery.) Riders choose from five different levels of electric assist and can monitor battery levels and data (like speed and distance) from a bar-mounted LCD screen.

Flex Snowbike, rear view.
Flex Snowbike, rear view. pc: newatlas


The bikes should be available later this month on the Envo website, however, they don’t come cheap. At a retail price near $3,273, the Snowbike is one of the least expensive options on the market. Two other popular concepts include Moonbike’s electric SnowBike ($8,575) and Arosno’s E-trace model ($ 7,968).

Ripping turns on a brand new Moonbike.
Ripping turns on a brand new Moonbike. pc: newatlas
Cruising on Arosno's snowbike
Cruising on Arosno’s snowbike. pc: arosno

Coming Soon to a Mountain Near You?

At those prices, snowbikes might not be ready for mass popularity just yet. However, after recent news about Vail Resorts looking to improve on their customer experience with a company-record setting $300 million investment, following suit with Alterra Mountain Company and others across the country, we might see these snowbikes sooner than we think. How would they add to your guest experience? Do you think they a viable option for getting around the parking lots, village, or perhaps town? We’d like to know!

Riding new Flex Snowbike.
Riding new Flex Snowbike. pc: newatlas

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