Winter Storm Jonas, One For the Record Books

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The aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas near Capital Hill!

According to The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Jonas was a powerful and dangerous winter storm that impacted tens of millions of people. The snow has stopped falling, but the effects of the storm are still being felt, especially with road conditions and snow removal. Public transportation and flights are still limited, but the conditions are improving as time goes on. The storm resulted in at least 15 deaths, which is very sad.

Snow removal efforts!

During Winter Storm Jonas, 1 to 3 inch per hour snowfall rates were experienced from Washington D.C. to New York City. The storm also produced 30+ inches of snowfall in one day, where New York’s JFK airport piled up 30.3 inches of snow in one calendar day on Saturday.

The distance between more than two feet of snow and bare ground was less than 100 miles in southeast New York, which is an incredible difference across a relatively short distance. Also, Winter Storm Jonas dropped snowfall on 31 states, all the way from South Dakota to Massachusetts, including Florida. Surprisingly, forecasts for Jonas were incredibly accurate and published prior to the storm!

Winter Storm Jonas Photo Tour:

Glengary, West Virginia

Snowfall Total: 42 inches

Snowstorm troubles!

A National Guard Humvee stuck in the insane amount of snow near Glengary, West Virginia where they received  42 inches of snowfall from Winter Storm Jonas!

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport

Snowfall Total: 31 inches


New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport received heavy snowfall from Winter Storm Jonas, which resulted in flight cancelations and extensive cleanup efforts that are still in motion.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Snowfall Total: 29.2 inches

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport after the storm!

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport received a record amount of snowfall and that led to major issues for travelers!

Washington Dulles International Airport

Snowfall Total: 28 inches

Washington Dulles International Airport after the storm!

Washington Dulles International Airport got dumped on by Winter Storm Jonas, which resulted in many flight cancelations and delays!

Newark, New Jersey

Snowfall Total: 28 inches

Newark, New Jersey!

Newark, New Jersey was hit hard by Winter Storm Jonas which resulted in road closures and a hefty cleanup for residents!

New York’s Central Park

Snowfall Total: 26.8 inches

New York’s Central Park after the storm!

New York’s Central Park received 26.8 inches of snowfall from Winter Storm Jonas, which was the the second-highest total since 1869!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Snowfall Total: 22 inches

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after Winter Storm Jonas!

Winter Storm Jonas pounded Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which resulted in travel delays and extensive cleanups. After seeing all these HUGE snowfall totals throughout the east coast, all that comes to mind is how was the skiing!

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