With Only Days Left to Live, a Winter-Loving Dog Finds Snow in the Summer with Help from the Internet

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Brooke got some help from the dog-loving community in her last days. Credit: @canadianbuild Reddit

Snow is amazing. We love it. It is therapeutic. Our lives are better when we spend more time on it. Our canine friends might feel the same way.

This was the case with an 11 ½-year-old Bernes Mountain Dog in Calgary, Canada, named Brooke. The dog was sick and only had a couple of days left to live. Her favorite season was winter, and she loved laying and playing in the snow. Knowing that Brooke wasn’t going to make it much longer, her owner turned to the internet to see if they could get some snow for her so her last remaining time could be filled with good memories.

On Reddit, they posted: 

“Our 11.5-year-old Berner has a couple of days left. She loves the snow but isn’t going to make it to winter. Does anyone know of any rinks or anything that has a good pile of snow behind them so she can go lay on the snow one last time?”

The post received over 100 comments. Fellow dog lovers showed sympathy, support, and guidance.

Not long after, the owner followed up their post with some good news:

“Thanks, everyone…The guys at Bowness Sportsplex immediately started piling snow outside for us. She had her last fix of snow and passed away shortly afterward.”

Brooke enjoying one last play in the snow thanks to Bowness Sportsplex. Credit: @canadianbuild Reddit

It appears that after her final time on the snow Brooke felt she could leave the world a happy dog.

After the whole ordeal, the owner expressed their gratitude to the community in another post that received over 400 comments.

Dog owners are known for going above and beyond for their best friends. This was certainly the case here as the entire dog-loving community came through. Rest in peace, Brooke, and I’m sure there is snow in heaven too.

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