World’s First Smart Helmet- The New Meaning of Connectivity?

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We live in a time where connectivity couldn’t be easier. We have smartphones, POV cameras, and bluetooth that allow us to document and share our lives in real time. The question- “What did you do today?” – is no longer needed because most of us already know.

The engineers over at Forcite have created the world’s first smart helmet for snow sports, a “wearable technology that turns you into a superhuman.”

From the Forcite Alpine KickStarter page:

Forcite™ Alpine does more than keep your head together. Safely inbuilt is a 4K action camera, helmet-to-helmet communication system, advanced sensors to track your lines and audio to stream tracks and take phone calls. All with the ability to post your adrenaline filled action on social media instantly.


So. Much. Stuff…

Although this is an impressive technology that infuses so many devices into one, I have to ask- is all this just clouding the reason why we go to the mountains in the first place? 

It seems that the need to be constantly connected takes us away from the true joy of skiing and riding. It takes us out of the present moment and out of our state of flow.  Instead of listening to the sounds between each turn and feeling the breaths of the mountain, mentally we are somewhere else- wondering how our footage will come out and when we will get cell reception.

Many of us acknowledge our own technological addictions, and go skiing or riding to get away from all these distractions. But, technology has also allowed us to create and share cool things like POV vids and our on-mountain fun. So… Is this technology a benefit for the mountain experience?

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2 thoughts on “World’s First Smart Helmet- The New Meaning of Connectivity?

  1. Exactly what I need to boost my adrenaline as I spray more about MYself on social media,,, soooo

    but like the innovation and styling of the built in cam, will reduce all the tele-tubbies on the hill with their go pro steezyness…

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