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We’ve been preaching about this place for a couple of years to friends and family.  Yes, it snows everyday here in January and February.  Yes, they get more snow than anyone else on Earth.  No, most people have no idea that there is snow in this place at all.  We get this again and again when we tell people about this place – “What, they get snow there, I had no idea.”

We don’t consider people who don’t know about it ignorant, because we were exactly the same… until we went there.  We just want more people to know about it.  Our partners at LiveWeatherBlogs.com just brought this video to our attention that explains how and why this place is so snowy.

Japan is the snowiest place on Earth.  It’s also one of the most fun places to visit on Earth.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please have a gander at our Japan location webpage:  SnowBrains Japan.  We’ll be back in Japan this January and February because we simple can’t stay away.

C’mon, it’s the snowiest place on Earth, why wouldn’t you wanna go there?

“Most people never realize that Japan is actually the snowiest place in the world.” – Brandon Presser, Lonely Planet

“In the mountains of northern Japan, there is a place called Sukio-Onsen.  In a typical year, you’ll see 50-60 feet of snow, some years 70-80 feet of snow.  I’m talking snow that’s 10-15 above your head.” – Nick Wiltgen, meteorologist

“The mountains of Japan are so snowy because they are susceptible to a cold Siberian wind that slams into the mountains of Japan, forces the air to rise, and that wrings out tremendous amounts of snowfall.  It’s like our lake effect snow in the US, but on a much bigger scale.” - Nick Wiltgen, meteorologist

How Japan Snow works

How Japan Snow works

“Few people know it as the snowiest place on Earth. But that’s exactly what Sukayu Onsen, Japan is: 40-foot snow canyons, blinding blizzards, and the northernmost primates, Japanese snow monkeys.”  – The Weather Channel

Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba, Japan


BBC News = Record Snow in Northern Japan This Year

The Mountains of Japan are Much Gnarlier Than You Thought

Neck Deep in Japan in Super Slow-Motion | Sweetgrass Productions, Jan. 2012

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  2. Jensen

    There are places in the US that get more snow than that.

    I wish people stopped making sure matter-of-factly statements without checking first.

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  3. bryan

    Not the snowiest place on earth. Mt rainier paradise side elevation between 5000′-8000′ is the snowiest place on earth. +670″ average annually and it also holds the record yearly snowfall of over 1200″

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