The 10 Biggest Snowfall Totals In North America

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Deep powder in In deep in Jackson Hole, WY
Jackson Hole, WY

With nearly everyone in North America receiving snow this week, the snowfall totals are starting to rise.  Some of the usual suspects out of the Pacific Northwest made the top of the list, while a few ringers out of Colorado are finding themselves near the top.  Without further adieu we bring you the top 10 biggest snowfall totals in North America.

The Top 10 Biggest Snowfall Totals In North America:

(As calculated as of March 3rd based on respective resorts snowfall tracking pages, compiled by hand at

Mt. Baker, WA as seen through the lens of Tom Monterosso
Mt. Baker, WA as seen through the lens of Tom Monterosso

#1: Mt. Baker, WA: 409″

#2: Jackson Hole, WY: 404″

In deep in Jackson Hole, WY
In deep in Jackson Hole, WY

#3: Stevens Pass, WA: 370″

#4: Alyeska, AK: 355″

#5: Grand Targhee, WY: 339″

#6: Steamboat, CO: 332″

Mt. Bachelor in February 2014.
Mt. Bachelor, OR in March 2014.

#7: Mt. Bachelor, OR: 314″

#8: Wolf Creek, CO: 298″

Big Sky Montana aerial view
Big Sky, MT

#9: Alta, UT: 297″

#10: Big Sky, MT: 289″

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22 thoughts on “The 10 Biggest Snowfall Totals In North America

    1. Thanks Dieudonnekia. When we wrote this, they had 404″. It won’t stop snowing up there..

  1. Why is Breckenridge not on that list? 335″ as of March 3rd. Marks them as the highest in Colorado!

  2. Where’s Timberline? Listing 316″ for the year on their website right now. Crazy that all the PNW resorts hardly had any snow until late January…

  3. I don’t think Alyeska should be on this list. That 355 inches of snow melted as soon as it fell. i bet we only have a max of 50 inches at the top of chair 6. Its one of the worst winters on record. 🙁

  4. Baker usually has twice that snow amount. We’ve had a terrible snow year in WA.

    1. Yea, you might be more snow up there at Mt. Baker but nothing beats Rocky Mountain powder.

  5. Just so you know. Jackson kicks a little snow up onto their snow stakes when they are counting their 24 hr totals. Just sayin.

  6. According to Breckenridge’s Facebook they have received 335″… Normal years I would flame them for over-reporting, this year with their snowstake cam and the fact it has blatantly been dumping on the north, I actually can believe their reports. I’m sure Vail is +- 10″ of Breck’s total as well… Other than Steamboat they completely left out CO resorts, most of which are having banner years. This report is crap.

  7. As usual, Canadian resorts not included….
    324″ – Powder King
    311″ – Apex
    305″ – Whitewater
    297″ – Revelstoke
    And just for kicks, pretty sure the leader east of the Rockies is Mt Bohemia with 285″. A few other places further East with 200-250″.

    1. I think those are CM Cheeky Monkey. I’d be curious to know what Seymour and Cypress are reporting since all you canucks have figured out Mt. Baker is steeper, deeper and cheaper.

      1. Nope, those are in Inches.
        Here are the ones you requested (aka Canada’s rain resorts)
        164″ – Cypress, 188″ – Seymour, 162″ – Grouse
        Unlike eastern BC, the coast had a terrible first half of winter.

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