$10 Million in Gold Coins Found in CA’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

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california gold coins
The gold coins found in the Sierra Nevada. photo: Kagin’s Inc./AP

Buried treasure is definitely still out there.  A couple in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains just found $10 million in gold US coins on their property.

“A California couple who say they had walked by the same spot on their Sierra Nevada property many times over many years are an estimated $10 million or so richer after digging up eight rusty old cans containing 1,427 very valuable gold coins. It’s thought to be the most valuable discovery of such coins in U.S. history.” – NPR

This couple was walking along a ridge on their property when they saw these cans.  The started digging and didn’t stop until that had 1,427 gold coins with a face value of $28,000 and an estimated value of $10 million.  Not a bad day.

The coins were all minted in San Francisco, CA between 1847 and 1894.  Most all of the coins are in mint condition.

So, what did the couple do after digging up all these coins?  They buried ’em…

“The first thing the family did after finding all the cans was rebury them in a cooler under their woodpile.  They were terrified and had to think about what to do.” – David McCarthy of Kagin’s tells the San Francisco Chronicle.


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3 thoughts on “$10 Million in Gold Coins Found in CA’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

  1. don tiburcio of cucamonga buried a lot of gold somewhere in the hills of california.

  2. Coins from the time of the California gold rush of 1848-54
    are sought-after collectibles, including evidence of one of the greatest migrations in the States. Literature: “The Gold of the Sierre Nevada”, ISBN: 978-3-86254-970-2, aavaa Berlin. The author Thomas Schmidt, Greudnitz/Germany. Germans and many other nations gold dug in the fields of Auburn, Grass Valley, Sacramento or Coloma. Literature 12/2013: “The dead at Fort Point”. ISBN: 978-3-8459-1026-0. Numismatists from around the world: “Rarity!, Rarity!” Golden Gate Bridge as a landmark of San Francisco spanning the Golden Gate to the Sierra. You should remember to the gold rush. Museums California do not only have valuable coins, but also paintings and graphics of the time.

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