There Were 11 Avalanches in 2 Days Last Week in Colorado

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Credit: CAIC

Historical October snowfall totals across Colorado might have pleased skiers and riders by enabling many resorts to open early, but all that heavy, wet snow has also significantly increased the risk of avalanches.

On the 30th and 31st of October, there were 11 avalanches reported on the Colorado Avalanche Information Center website. 7 of the 11 were on Loveland Pass, and although all were small in size, it serves as a warning as to conditions out there.

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11 avalanches reported in 2 days. Credit: CAIC

On Sunday, the CAIC reported that all mountain areas have a ‘low’ risk level, although previously the risk in the northern and central mountains was considered ‘moderate’. Nobody was injured in any of the slides.

The CAIC resumed their daily forecasts on Friday 1st November and should be a go-to resource for anybody heading out into the Colorado backcountry. Check out their website here.

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  1. Just look at Loveland Pass! So many people ski up there. The tremendous loss of life that has happened on Loveland Pass from avalanches over the past 20 years does not sink in with many. Once people get buried the rescuers could become victims as well in another slide.

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