11 North American Ski Resorts With Over 500″ of Snowfall This Season

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Jackson Hole coming in close with 494″ of snow. Image: Andrew Schrum

January & February were some of the wettest months on record for much of the west, which means that March has a lot to live up to. As we begin this month, there are currently 11 North American ski resorts with 500+” of snowfall on the season. These totals are only going to increase over the net few days as storms are currently hitting the PNW and they will work their way into Tahoe throughout the weekend. This winter has been incredible and its safe to say we will be skiing on the 4th of July this year.

Digging out after the last storm. Image: Mt. Rose Facebook Page

1.       Mt. Rose, NV: 650”

Buried lift. Image: Sugar Bowl Facebook Page

2.       Sugar Bowl, CA: 635”

Dumping. Image: Boreal Facebook Page

3.       Boreal Mountain, CA: 598”

Deep turns. Image: Kirkwood Facebook Page

4.       Kirkwood Mountain, CA: 578”

Beautiful snow. Image: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Facebook Page

5.       Alpine Meadows, CA: 577”

Digging out. Image: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Facebook Page

6.       Squaw Valley, CA: 575”

What 25″ in 24 hours looks like at Northstar. Image: @samcrisco

7.       Northstar, CA: 561”

Huge snow wall. Image: Heavenly Facebook Page

8.       Heavenly Mountain, CA: 556”

500″ looks something like this. Image: Brighton Facebook Page

9.       Brighton, UT: 544”

Beautiful conditions. Image: Mt. baker Facebook Page

10.   Mt. Baker, WA: 543”

Chair Burial. Image: Mammoth Facebook Page

11.   Mammoth Mountain, CA: 512”

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